It’s game on and a hee-hawing good time in the Shelby High School gym on Saturday, April 13, starting at 6 p.m., when Donkey Basketball gets underway!  It’s been a couple of years since the Shelby FFA Chapter last hosted this fantastically fun and funny event and they are excited to offer it to the community this year.

“We have made this an biennial event,” said FFA advisor, Thad White. “We don’t make a ton of money doing it, but the kids like to ride and the community seems to enjoy it. It’s great recognition for our chapter. The best part is that the young kids can ride the donkeys during the intermissions.”

This is a fundraising event for the chapter and tickets may be purchased in advance from any FFA member, the Shelby High School office or at the door. 

Concessions will be available and two games will be played throughout the evening. 

This year’s teams include FFA members from Shelby and Conrad and SHS wrestlers joining forces on one team and the Shelby Fire Department and SHS basketball players comprising the other.

 The first game will feature donkey basketball, the second will be a basketball scrimmage with Coyote basketball players facing off against the Coyote wrestling team.

“After the donkeyball game the wrestlers and basketball players will have a scrimmage, mostly for bragging rights,” said White. “The purchase of a donkeyball game ticket will get you admission to both games. If you only come to the wrestler/basketball player game there will a ticket cost, probably $5.”

If you purchase tickets in advance the cost to attend both games for an adult is $8, students grades seven through 12, $6, and kids in kindergarten through sixth grade are $4. If you wait and purchase your tickets at the door tickets are a dollar more than the advance ticket price. 

Donkey Sports, Inc., of Entiat, Wash., will be providing the donkeys and the officials. Donkey Sports officials will be strictly enforcing the rules against players abusing the donkeys in any way, however, there are no such rules applied to the donkeys abusing their riders!

Although the event is mainly hosted for community enjoyment, it is a fundraising effort for the FFA Chapter, with proceeds helping the group attend leadership conferences and competitions. 

Be sure to set a reminder or mark your calendars for Saturday, April 13, 6 p.m., and come enjoy this hilarious competition!

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