Clara Waters, left, Rachel Hould, Baylen Moss, Michael Sanchez, Joshua Buck, Hannah Nelson and Karra Lohr, talented vocalists comprising the group Les Allouettes, prepare to sing for adjudicators recently at District Music Festival in Havre.

Photo Courtesy of Ron Gruber

On April 20-21 the Shelby High School Music Department participated in the District Music Festival hosted by Havre High School. District Music Festival is an opportunity for the bands and choirs as well as small groups and soloists to perform for adjudicators. Our students worked for months preparing their musical selections. Performers earn a rating of Superior (I) through Poor (V). Small ensembles or soloists who earn a Superior rating continue on to perform at the State Music Festival which will be held in Helena May 4-5.

Soloists earning a Superior rating were: Jarod Anderson (trumpet), Lucas Fretheim (piano), Rachel Hould (violin) and Clara Waters (vocal).

Groups earning a Superior rating were: A Choir Taste (Josh Buck, Rachel Hould, Karra Lohr, Baylen Moss, Hannah Nelson and Clara Waters) and Les Alouettes (Josh Buck, Rachel Hould, Karra Lohr, Baylen Moss, Hannah Nelson, Michael Sanchez and Clara Waters).

Soloists/groups earning an Excellent rating were: Joshua Buck (piano), Sean Rogers (piano), Maddison Underdal (piano), Hannah Nelson and Clara Waters Duet (vocal), Kaylee Appley and Kiana Jorata Duet (baritone sax and trumpet), Jarod Anderson and Luke Fretheim Duet (trumpet and trombone), Lucas Fretheim, Maddy Hellinger and Logan Leck Trio (trombone), and the Jazz Band.

This year the Shelby Concert Choir and Concert Band, under the direction of Mr. Ron Gruber, earned an excellent rating in their performances. The choir also earned an excellent rating in their sight-reading, while the band earned a superior rating in their sight-reading. 

Mr. Gruber and the students would like to thank Jessica Buck and Joshua Buck for accompanying our student performers, Diane Hould and Dan Waters for helping to prepare students for their performances and all the families and friends who traveled to Havre to watch all the performances. Congratulations to the Shelby High School musicians on a successful District Music Festival and good luck to the students advancing to the State Music Festival in Helena.

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