NTCHS grad Kamron Ratzburg is excited to have returned home to embark on his career as the newest vet out at the Marias Vet Clinic. Ratzburg and his wife, Camille, are happy to be back in Ratzburg’s old stomping grounds.

Many growing up in Toole County have gone off to college with the dream of being able to return home to work. Living in a rural area, this dream doesn’t always come true. For Kamron Ratzburg, a 2013 graduate of North Toole County High School, his dream has become a reality. 

After attending and completing the WIMU Regional Veterinary Program at Montana State and Washington State, Ratzburg has returned home and has started working with Dr. Hardee Clark at the Marias Vet Clinic.

“When I was an undergraduate at Montana State, I learned how a veterinary education would set me up for a rewarding career in the cow-calf industry,” explained Ratzburg. “It would allow me to bring a certain skill set that could be of value to a rural agriculture community, which is where I wanted to return to.”

Ratzburg and his wife, Camille, have returned and he has been busy, getting to know the clientele and learning the ropes at the clinic. While any new job can be challenging, Ratzburg is enjoying this adventure so far.

“They have a nice mix of large and small animal caseload,” said Ratzburg. “I have enjoyed getting to know the clientele and finding ways to help them address their animals’ needs.”

He continued, “In addition, the staff is very, very welcoming and helpful. My biggest challenge has been learning how to incorporate what I learned in school on animal cases and being able to trust my judgment.”

Ratzburg enjoys all animals and while most identify as a dog or cat person, he shared that his favorite is a bit different than most, beef cattle. Ratzburg has worked with cattle for years prior to attending college and making animals his career, having been an active member of 4-H throughout his childhood. It was the community he was involved with throughout his younger years that influenced where he is today.

“My family, neighbors and other producers involved in animal production,” said Ratzburg, in reference to who has influenced him. “Seeing their passion for raising and caring for the animals that put food on our table has motivated me to take a role in helping them through animal health, reproduction and nutritional services.”

Motivated and excited to be a part of the team serving his hometown community at Marias Veterinary Clinic, Ratzburg’s dream of returning and benefiting his community through his services is now reality. He is available to patients by appointment, Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. The clinic also offers after-hours on-call emergency work. 

To make an appointment with Dr. Ratzburg call Marias Vet Clinic at (406) 434-5176.

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