The Shelby City Council meeting held Monday, July 1, got underway with a show cause hearing on community decay. Citizens Dick Miller, Francine Beach, Teddy Mierzwinski, Elisha Dempsey and Dennis Knickerbocker were in attendance to discuss their properties with the Council. After hearing from all, the Council made the following decisions: 

•Miller was granted an additional 30 days, provided he continue making progress on cleaning up the property. 

•The City will reclaim Freon from Knickerbocker’s air conditioning units and he was given an additional 30 days to continue cleaning up the property.  If Knickerbocker fails to clean up the property within the allotted time the City will take action.

•Mierzwinski was also given an additional 30 days to make progress on cleaning up his property. 

Rena Peterson called in via phone and said she did not receive the certified mail. Peterson provided a different mailing address and will receive an additional 30 days to clean up her property.

The Council then had an appearance request from Laurie Grimm in regard to Mike Spencer’s water bill. This request was in regard to the delinquent bill for Spencer’s property.

City Attorney Bill Hunt cited state statutes as related to the water bill and Grimm was informed that in order for the water to be turned back on the bill would have to be paid in full or an agreement made with the City.

All claims and reports were approved by the Council, as was Resolution No. 1993 regarding Curb Stop Repair Liens, the OMR agreement with North Central Montana Rural Water Association (NCMRWA) in regards to the Shelby south line and the Wellfield Funding Agreement.

Resolution No. 1992 regarding the Sidewalk Funding Assistance Program was tabled and will be determined during the budget process.

Resolution 1993 simply states that after notice is provided to the property owners the City can attach a lien to the tax bill if the repair is not paid for in full. 

The agreement with NCMRWA concerning the Shelby south line is a standard operations and maintenance agreement. The Wellfield Funding Agreement is also with NCMRWA in regards to the improvements to the City wellfield that NCMRWA will be reimbursing the City for.

In other matters the Council approved a three-year cleaning contract with CT Cleaning who will be taking care of City Hall, the Civic Center, the Williamson Building and Old City Hall bathroom.

The Council approved the bid from American Roofing in the amount of $11,855 for the Fire Hall and also the $7,945 bid to repair the swimming pool roof.

The construction and maintenance agreement with Montana Department of Transportation was also approved. It states that the City is responsible for ADA sidewalk improvements, replacement, maintenance and enforcing ordinances for snow clearing.

While discussing other matters the Council was advised that the Third Street lateral cost estimate for the storm water project is $650,000. 

Opal Larson has generously donated the money for replacing the trees in front of City Hall with a memorial tree donation.

The City Council met again on Monday, July 15, and an update from that meeting will appear in the July 24 edition of the paper.

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