Gary McDermott

Shelby voters spoke loud and clear when they cast their mail ballots in the City of Shelby Mayor race on Tuesday, Nov. 7. Write-in candidate Gary McDermott was a more than two-to-one winner over longtime incumbent Mayor Larry Bonderud, 578-259. Results are unofficial until canvassed by the Shelby City Council. It was the only contested race in the City of Shelby municipal election. Bonderud has served as Shelby’s mayor for nearly 30 years.

There were three City Council seats open and all three races were uncontested. Justin Aikins received 237 votes and will represent Ward 1, declared write-in candidate Trent Tustian received 57 votes and will represent Ward 2 and declared write-in Ward 3 candidate Luke Casey received 50 votes.

Voter turn-out was over 50 percent in all three wards, Ward 1 had 70 percent casting their votes, Ward 2 65.24 percent and Ward 3 65.02 percent.

In Sunburst, Justin Byers defeated Michael Tobin 79-49 for the Mayor position. Kimberly Bloch and Ronald Gillund were elected to the Sunburst Town Council with 100 votes each. Also receiving votes were Christopher Blair, with 30 votes and Kelsey Tomsheck Buckley, with 26 votes. Those results are also unofficial until canvassed. The Town of Sunburst had 65.05 percent of registered voters participate in this election.

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Congratulations Gary! Great to see there will be a change in leadership for Shelby.

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