On behalf of Dr. Hardy, Dr. Biccum, Tracy Richman CNM and the Marias Medical Center’s (MMC) nurses and staff that provide your care, we would like to thank all our moms that have trusted their care to us for your obstetrical needs.  We love being a part of your journey as you grow your families!  

With the unfortunate recent closing of delivery services in Cut Bank we are the only providers for OB care in our section of the Hi-Line and recognize the importance of having obstetrical services in our area.  

We are excited to meet the challenge of the increasing demand for OB services in this region and want to share our plan for meeting these needs.    

We will be pausing our delivery services at MMC for a time to be able to put our full attention on recruiting and training new staff, building on the skills of the wonderful staff we already have, installing a new state of the art fetal monitoring system and updating the obstetrical care areas to better meet needs of patients and families.  

Dr. Hardy, Dr. Biccum and CNM Tracy Richman, much to Richman’s credit, have established a relationship with OB-GYN Associates in Great Falls to provide delivery services at Benefis for the time being. Marias Healthcare Clinic will still be able to see you for comprehensive prenatal care, as well as any prenatal concerns that may be needed up until the time of your delivery, while MMC will still provide lab and radiology services, including ultrasound. In fact, the physicians and midwives at OB-GYN Associates are excited to encourage more patients to do their prenatal care at Marias Healthcare Clinic as an option to decrease the drive and expense of going to Great Falls for all prenatal visits. 

We are so excited for the opportunity to still be involved in your care, but still be able to have you deliver in a safe place while we prepare for the future of delivery services at MMC. Please contact the clinic and ask for any of us to ask any questions that you might have. We look forward to new changes that will help us continue to provide great obstetrical care for the Hi-Line!

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