Baby Beau David Olson is currently on antibiotics and at home. More trips to Great Falls and Kalispell will be needed as doctors try to determine what infection is attacking Beau’s body and the treatment necessary to rid him of it.

A new baby, whether it’s your first or your third, brings feelings of excitement, joy, nervousness, an array of emotions that cannot be described. Having your two-week-old child severely ill and having to standby, watching doctors trying to figure out what is wrong, running tests, sticking with needles, being able to do nothing, also brings on an array of emotions that cannot be described. This is the nightmare Tiphany Wagner and Kale Olson have been living.

Beau David Olson was born on Leap Day, Feb. 29, and on Monday, March 16, he was running a fever, causing his mother concern. Wagner took Beau into his pediatrician, who ordered lab work and advised her to take him to the Benefis Emergency Room. Shortly after visiting the ER baby Beau was admitted and the game of “what is wrong” started. 

“The lab work showed that his lactic acid levels were elevated,” said Wagner’s mother, Dawn. “And he kept spiking temps, between 101 and 102, and the fever wouldn’t break. At first they thought it was his heart, or maybe sepsis or some other type of infection. Then they thought his brain might be swelling because he was retaining fluid. Every place they put an IV, he would swell.”

Baby Beau underwent not one, not two, but six spinal tap attempts at Benefis without success. It was determined he was too small for the procedure to be done at Benefis and he was referred to Interventional Radiology in Kalispell. Benefis Mercy flighted Beau and his mom to the facility on Wednesday, March 18, and a successful test was completed there. 

“Thanks to him being given antibiotics for meningitis early, starting Monday, the doctors think that might have curbed or stopped meningitis, as the test came back negative,” said Wagner. “Currently they are unsure of what kind of infection Beau has. What they do know is his immune system is severely compromised, due to his mother not having a spleen and a compromised immune system herself.”

After spending 24-hours in Kalispell Regional Medical Center the doctor in charge of baby Beau’s care decided that with the current COVID-19 pendemic, it would be safer for the baby to be quarantined at home. 

His mother, as any mother would be, was extremely anxious about leaving the facility with her baby that was still running a fever and fighting an unknown infection. 

Talk about being stuck between a rock and a hard place. Your baby is seriously ill, yet the world around you is as well and the hospital is not the safest place for him. But that is where the people are who can help him. Many trips back and forth to Great Falls and Kalispell are in Wagner and Beau’s future as they fight to get him healthy. 

Beau is not Wagner’s only child, three-year-old Reid is currently staying with her parents and while he loves it there, he misses his mom and she really misses him. 

Kale also has two other children, who have been staying with their mom while he tries to balance still working and getting to the hospital to check on his youngest son. Trying to get things under control with Beau takes priority, but the family is hoping to all at least be quarantined under the same roof sometime soon. 

The health and well-being of all their children are their main concern, but affording multiple out-of-town trips and everything that comes with that also weighs heavy. Wagner’s twin sister, Shawnii, has set up an account, GoFundMe Beau’s Angel Network, to try and help ease some of that worry. If you are able to help monetarily please do, if all you can offer are prayers and positive thoughts, those are definitely needed and welcomed too.

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