Imagine being hundreds of miles away, in a foreign country, and there is no “I’ll be home for Christmas” in sight. We honored our veterans on Nov. 11 for the sacrifices they made and your chance to show your appreciation for those currently sacrificing is available now at the Smile Shop. 

Donald and Lena Tronson, owners of the Smile Shop, know what it’s like to be the one deployed and the one left at home with an empty chair at Christmas dinner. In hopes of bringing a little holiday cheer to those currently deployed, the couple offers scores of free Christmas cards, just waiting to be signed by you!

“We’ve been doing this for four years now,” said Lena. “I like to send them to the overseas guys, since they don’t get to come home. The first year we sent over 300! I have a lot of cards here and I need to send them out by Dec. 15.”

Lena sends the cards to one soldier overseas and from there the cards are dispersed. As of right now, she doesn’t have anyone lined up to receive the cards, so if you have someone deployed that the cards can be mailed to stop by the Smile Shop and let Lena know. She is currently looking into who she can send them to, so any suggestions would be very appreciated.

Taking two minutes out of your day to sign a card and send a holiday greeting to a deployed soldier is something everyone is encouraged to do. There is also the option of donating items for care packages that Lena will be putting together and sending over as well.

“Anything that is non-perishable that men and women could use can be donated,” said Lena. “Pens, pencils, paper, deodorant, shaving cream, microwavable bags of popcorn, and fun stuff, like squirt guns, are just a few ideas.”

If the Christmas budget is already tight there’s no need to worry about bringing in a donation, simply stop by and write a message of thanks and holiday greetings. This is a thoughtful act of kindness that people of all ages can take part in.

“They appreciate it, anything you do,” said Donald, who knows this to be true from personal experience. “It means a lot.”

The cards are at the Smile Shop, just waiting to be signed and sent. The Smile Shop is open Tuesday through Friday, from 9 a.m. until 5 p.m. If you can’t make it during business hours but would like to sign a card give Donald a call at (406) 470-4665 and he’ll help you get it done. 

During the hustle and bustle of this holiday season take a moment out of your day and help make a hero’s Christmas just a bit merrier by letting them know they are thought about and appreciated.

“We do this to put a smile on a soldier’s face,” concluded Lena.

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