Misha Kearns attends Camp Mak-A-Dream

Photo courtesy of Misha Kearns Misha Kearns of Sunburst, second from the left in the middle row, attended a leadership training camp near Gold Creek June 5-7. Kearns is the State Secretary of FCCLA and attended this camp with students from around the state and from several different student organizations

Misha Kearns of Sunburst, State Secretary of Family, Career, and Community Leaders of America (FCCLA), attended the yearly State Officer Leadership Camp June 5-7 at Camp Mak-a-Dream, located near Gold Creek.

Thirty high school students representing the Montana Career, Technical and Student Organizations (CTSO) of The Association of Marketing Students (formerly known as DECA), Family Career Community Leaders of America (FCCLA), SKILLS USA (formerly VICA), and Business Professionals of America (BPA) gathered for a three-day intensive leadership training and program planning meeting for their respective organizations.

Shannon Stober from the Montana Conservation Corps led the students in a variety of leadership skill development activities. These skills consisted of how to create a "context setting," in other words, make an effective plan on how to accomplish tasks. Other sessions focused on learner styles and how to work effectively with others. The sessions included a variety of hands-on and small group activities.

In an interview conducted by FCCLA officer Mariah Horvath with Stober, Horvath learned that Stober started doing leadership and life skills training with ArmeriCorps (Domestic Peace Corps) participant development. Stober said she "loves doing leadership trainings as I enjoy seeing the realization of people when they discover how powerful it is and what it can do for people." Her favorite quote is - "Don't ask yourself what the world needs, ask yourself what makes you come alive and then go and do that, because what the world needs is people who have come alive."

Between the training sessions, student officers had team meetings with their specific organization. Eleven FCCLA state officers met with Interim State FCCLA Officer Adviser Nancy Linnell of Sunburst; State National Leadership Meeting Adviser Martha Northway of Ennis, and State Chapter Parent Lisa Kearns from Sunburst to discuss plans for their state meetings with the nearly 100 FCCLA delegates attending the National Leadership Meeting in Orlando in July, and started making plans for their district meetings, as well as the 2009 State Leadership Meeting.

Between training sessions and team meetings, the students had a chance to mingle with students from the other organizations and develop life-long friendships as they played games of pool and basketball and visited in the hot tub. A highlight activity was the fun-filled Quiz Bowl where the officers were teamed with students from all the organizations.

The camp was sponsored and organized by Career and Technical specialists from the Office of Public Instruction in Helena.

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