Ashley Lampert, right, is happy to be back in Toole County to work as the executive director of the Chamber of Commerce and raise her sons, Klinton, left, and Keaton, with husband, Colton.

Some may remember Ashley Holten as she grew up in the area, attending Galata Elementary School, an active member of 4-H, Girl Scouts, T-ball, soccer and the Devon Lutheran Church, until her family moved in 2001. Even with moving Ashley still spent plenty of time in Toole County, returning most summers to visit in Shelby. 

In 2018 she chose Shelby as the location for her wedding and a mere six months later Ashley, now Ashley Lampert, was given the opportunity to move her family, husband, Colton, and sons, Keaton (three-years-old) and Klinton (one-and-a-half-years-old),  “home” to Shelby. Recently she took on the job of executive director of the Shelby Area Chamber of Commerce, starting Dec. 29, 2020, and couldn’t be more excited about the opportunity to work and serve her hometown community.

“I was actually approached by someone who is involved with the Chamber that urged me to consider the position,” said Lampert. “What peaked my interest initially was the opportunity to become more involved in a community that I truly love and the ability to have a hand in helping our incredible community grow.”

And she has the skills to do just that. Lampert has a bachelors degree in business and administration with specialization in event/ entertainment management from the University of Montana. She also has experience from working in sales, tourism and the Montana Public Sector in Bozeman. 

 “My plan going forward is to get the Chamber running smoothly in an up-to-date manor while bringing fresh ideas to the Chamber table that will help take our hidden gem on the Highline and transform it into a lively destination that people want to travel, take time to explore and even plant their roots,” said Lampert.

Lampert has a big job ahead of her as she comes into the position after a semi-stagnant year due to the COVID pandemic. This was definitely uncharted territory for the Chamber, as well as Lampart, a challenge that she is facing head on.

“I have begun navigating and revamping the Chamber while taking into account the obstacles and changes that have arose across our country in the past year,” she explained. “I feel that an active Chamber is important as it allows for businesses to come together and brainstorm how to be on top of adjusting and evolving with an ever-changing economy.”

A big job, for sure, but one that Lampert feels confident with and is looking forward to. When she is not busy working she stays busy with various home and up-cycle projects, spending time with her boys on the family ranch, hunting, fishing and traveling to visit extended family. 

Returning home to a community she loves and now serves is something Lampert is excited about and she is hoping to propel the Chamber back into being a prominent force. She has some great ideas and is looking forward to hearing from others and what can be accomplished together.

“The Chamber directly serves to promote and protect the interest of the local business community and in doing so encourages locals and visitors to stop, shop, support and potentially settle local, allowing for continued longevity of established business, growth and expansion of current businesses and the need for new businesses to better serve cultivated growth,” concluded Lampert. “We are very hopeful looking towards 2021 and are doing our best to plan events and opportunities this year that will allow for a more active year from the Chamber, while conducting in a safe and healthy manner, as it is our responsibility to our community.”

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