Marias Medical Center CEO, William Kiefer, left, couldn’t have been happier to present the certificate recognizing Melissa Gray as the MMC Employee of the Year for 2019.


ongratulations to Melissa Gray, Employee of the Year for 2019! 

“When Melissa provides care for patients she is always considerate, kind, and is able to get the job done quickly and with concern for the patients’ well-being in mind,” said Gregg Hanson, Clinical Lab Scientist, who has worked with Melissa for over six years. 

Melissa has worked at Marias Medical Center for 14 years and has worked in the Lab as a Clinical Lab Technician for 11 years. Many employees nominated Melissa for Employee of the Year due to her reliability, dedication, organization and efficiency. It is employees like Melissa that make Marias Medical Center a provider of excellent care. Her focus is on the patients and the quality of her work. 

“Several things stand out that Melissa always takes care of,” commented Joan Stewart, Director of the Laboratory. “Melissa has taken on certain responsibilities without being asked, or assigned, to them. Many words could be used to describe Melissa such as: dedicated, organized and efficient, but I would choose dependable if I had to choose one word.” 

Professionalism is highly valued when it comes to patient care. Melissa is always professional and courteous, not only to patients but to all of her co-workers. 

“Melissa is a team player,” said Gregg. “She knows her part and does it well, she gives 100 percent, 100 percent of the time.” 

Her dependability is paired with her flexibility, making her an ideal team player. She is willing to move her shift and cover for others, while also being conscientious about stocking the supplies, organizing, and keeping the counters sanitized. 

We are privileged to have such a solid worker on our team and appreciate all she does. Thank you, Melissa, for your example of excellence. If you see her around town, feel free to congratulate her on being Marias Medical Center’s Employee of the Year for 2019!

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