Pastor Chad Scarborough, right, enjoys making memories with his family, wife, Shannon, bottom left, and children, Corin, top left, and Jadis. While Scarborough is busy in his professional role throughout the community he is never too busy to be “dad” to those that matter most. 

Pastor Chad Scarborough is a mentor, counselor and a great source of knowledge and support for many in the community. His outstanding professional skills as a pastor are second to those as “dad.”

Pastor Chad first became a dad at the age of 23, when he and his wife, Shannon, welcomed their daughter, Jadis, into the world. Three years later, son, Corin, joined the family. Like any first time parent, Pastor Chad was excited and terrified. By the time Corin arrived, he had a few years of experience behind him, the terrified feeling had eased a great deal and he dedicated himself even more so to the role of “dad.”

“I was petrified when we had our daughter,” recalled Pastor Chad. “I was afraid of ‘breaking’ her. With our son, I realized that kids are a lot more resilient than I thought! Along with that, I was a lot more present with our second child. I feel like I missed a lot of the early days with our first child and I committed to being present and helping more to a higher degree with our second.”

Pastor Chad’s children are now nine and 11-years-old. Over the course of time milestones have occurred and challenges faced and conquered. When it comes to his parenting skills and who has influenced them, most will not be surprised to hear him credit his parents. But it doesn’t stop there, as Pastor Chad continues to learn and observe from others around him as well.

“Along with people, the Bible plays a vital role in how my wife and I parent,” he added.

Pastor Chad not only strives to be the best father he can be to his own children, but his kindness, support and guidance also carries over to many other children throughout the community he serves. Since coming to Shelby, Pastor Chad has brought family-like support and togetherness to the forefront in the community. He, along with his family and congregation, have spearheaded events, such as Trunk-or-Treat, and taken on existing events, like the annual Easter Egg Hunt. 

“It is a humbling thing, to think that I get to be a part of helping kids in our community,” said Pastor Chad. “Personally, I feel that love, patience, integrity, consistency and support are important traits to share with not only kids, but everyone in Shelby, so that we can all be a help to one another.”

Helping himself and other dads beat the stereotype they usually have is the main father challenge Pastor Chad is working to overcome. Throughout the years dads have gotten a reputation as not being as active or important in their children’s lives as mothers, something that isn’t true and needs to change.

“For years fathers have been typecast as absent, bumbling, or helpless. I feel that the greatest challenge that faces fathers today is breaking that stereotype and setting an example for our children and others that points to the value of fatherhood,” said Pastor Chad. 

“We need dads; the statistics are clear that children need their fathers and mothers. As a father I don’t want my kids to think that I am perfect, but to know even when I fail I get up, learn from my mistakes, and move forward.”

Learning from mistakes and accepting that you, along with your children, are not perfect, are important lessons seasoned fathers and new fathers alike need to remember. 

“Be patient. You are not perfect and neither are your children,” said Pastor Chad. “Grow in love every day. Give your kids grace, because you have been given grace. If your child is wrong correct them, but remember that you set the example for them.” 

Another great piece of advice, “Love their mother. Support them. Be present, not just at events, but in your children’s lives. Work hard but take time. Remember to laugh. Be the man you would want your son to be or your daughter to marry.”

Pastor Chad adheres to “practice what you preach” on many levels, more than most. And while he strives to do his very best by his children, his wife, his congregation and his community, the best part of all and the title he most proudly gets to answer to is that of “dad.”

“As simple as it sounds, being called dad is what I enjoy most,” he smiled. “I have been called a lot of things in my life, some good and some not so good. But to be called dad means that my kids have placed their life in my hands and are trusting me with it.”

And they have every reason to do so, as Pastor Chad has proven beyond a doubt throughout their lives that he is their number one cheerleader, supporter and go-to guy, something that is not about to change as they get older and more independent. When it comes right down to it, that is what Pastor Chad hopes his children remember the most about him when looking back at their lives. Not necessarily the role he played in the community, or the great things he achieved as a man, but that he was there for them.

“I hope that my kids remember that I was there,” concluded Pastor Chad. “That I helped them up when they fell, that I corrected them in love. And that I was there for them.”

To all the amazing dads out there, thank you! Thank you for sharing your strength, wisdom and time with those who will continue to look up to you long after they are grown, passing what you have taught on to their own children. 

You have the power to make a difference in this world, not only by who you are, but who you raise your children to be. May it be a legacy of greatness. Happy Father’s Day!

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