Toole County Health Officer Dr. Justin Hooker

The following statement was prepared and released by the Toole County Health Department and Toole County Health officer, Dr. Justin Hooker, Monday, Oct. 12.

Over the weekend, the Toole County Health Department, with the help of the Marias HealthCare Services, performed a large amount of COVID-19 testing for a specific population. The mass testing resulted in a significant increase in Toole County positive cases. 

You will see the large increase in active cases reflected on the DPHHS Montana COVID-19 Case Map over the next two to three days. 

The Toole County Health Department wants to reassure the community, that a large majority of these active cases are specific to a confined population. However, there is a sizable number of community members and families that are also active COVID-19 cases. 

The community cases continue to increase at an alarming rate; which is affecting our schools, healthcare and community work forces.

“We are seeing COVID across the county,” said Toole County Health Nurse Blair Tomsheck. “Some outbreaks are larger than others but all areas are affected. We are trying to do our best to keep up and ask that people stay home while sick. That is the most important part!”

As cases continue to increase in our community, the Toole County Health Department strongly encourages everyone to wear masks whenever in public, socially distance as much as possible and most importantly; do not go to work, school or a public venue if you are sick!

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