The Sober Life group, established through a grant received by Toole County Alliance for Youth, gathered last Wednesday evening at the Civic Center to celebrate milestones of sobriety and Easter together. The group focuses on prevention, support and recovery and is open to anyone recovering from addiction in Toole, Pondera or Glacier County.

Gathering together from Conrad, Cut Bank and Shelby, members of the Sober Life group met at the Civic Center in Shelby on March 31 to enjoy a scavenger Easter egg hunt, some pizza and to share their recent accomplishments. Most attending were there with their families and you could see the bonds that have formed over the past few months that the group has been meeting. 

When making a huge lifestyle change, such as that of giving up a life involving drugs and alcohol, things can get very lonely and disheartening. The Sober Life group offers the opportunity to not only have support in sobriety and information on a variety of topics, but that of making new friends, friends who can relate to where you’ve been before and where you are going now.

Sober Life was established thanks to a grant received through Toole County Alliance for Youth and members have been meeting regularly since October. Unlike other sobriety support groups, Sober Life not only provides support and information for those in recovery, but provides fun events and support for their family members as well. 

“There are three concepts to the group which are events/activities, fitness and volunteering,” said Toole County Alliance for Youth Prevention Specialist Mary Miller. “The group is open to anyone who is serious about recovery and covers Toole, Glacier and Pondera Counties.”

Information on parenting, different assistance programs, as well as support and offering drug-free, alcohol free and judgment free get-togethers are all benefits of being a part of this group. All activities and events are offered free of charge and joining the group includes some added perks for those working their way through Drug Court and other related programs.

“I do send a list of names of members of the group up to Brooke (Rogers) and she shares them with Judge Olson,” said Miller. “In return, not because he has to, but because he wants to, the judge has done things such as knocking off some of what is owed on fines.”

Judge Olson and his wife, Connie, were in attendance of the Easter egg scavenger hunt Thursday, hiding eggs around the gym prior to the start of the hunt and showing their support for the members and their families. Before the hunt got underway Miller took a moment to recognize some milestones of members in attendance.

“We are having pizza and cake tonight and have a few things to celebrate,” said Miller. “Tammy and Jeff are both graduating from Drug Court and Tawnie is celebrating two years of sobriety.”

Cheers and applause erupted from those gathered and congratulations were exchanged, as well as encouragement to keep going. The proud smiles of satisfaction and the feelings of friendship and support radiating from the group makes it very apparent why Sober Life has been successful so far and why the group plays an instrumental part in the lives of those who are members.

This is not a treatment program, but a recovery program, offering members various opportunities with not only family-friendly events, but leadership and volunteer opportunities, enhancing credibility with other members and the community. Some of the volunteer opportunities include adopting a park or walking trail, wrapping gifts for Toys for Tots (and like programs) or “Sending Love” to seniors and military personnel. 

Becoming a part of this fantastic group of people focused on making better choices and lives for themselves and their families is fairly simple and open to all in recovery. 

For more information on the group and when they meet contact Miller at (406) 564-0294 or by email at mmiller@allianceforyouth.org.

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