Little man Jason Preuss and family had much to be thankful for this Thanksgiving as the day before Jason received his first infusion of Zolgensma, which is the latest therapy in treating Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA). A silent auction is currently taking place on Facebook through Dec. 17 to help defray the family’s expenses.

Nov. 25, 2020, was a monumental day for the Preuss family as baby Jason received an infusion of Zolgensma–his “designer genes!.” Thanksgiving took on a whole new meaning this year for the Preuss family. Within days after receiving the infusion small, but definitely noticeable changes, have been taking place with Jason.

“Zolgensma seems to have kicked in a bit and small changes are happening,” his mother, Gabby, posted to Facebook shortly after the infusion. “His arm movement is more pronounced, he can lift his heels off the bed for very short bursts of time and he tries to move his shoulders as if to roll while on his back. Very small changes that are huge milestones in the bigger picture!”

Jason and his mom were released from the Kalispell Children’s Hospital on Dec. 1 and returned home. His older siblings are being kept out of school as a precaution to prevent illness as Jason is on steroids as part of his treatment. The travels and doctor visits are far from over though. 

Pulmonary appointments in Billings were on the immediate agenda for Jason with more visits to specialists to come.

“Weekly trips to Great Falls to monitor his blood work for the next month or so and also for physical therapy are just the start,” said Gabby. “There will be added therapies down the road. We have a new normal now, that of having to carry bipap, suction, pulse ox and cough assistant if we leave anywhere out of town. In town, we’ll need to have suction and O2 monitor, but we will do it, we will do whatever we can within our power to make sure Jason gets what he needs to thrive.”

Despite all he has undergone in his short life, Jason is still one happy baby according to his mom, smiling and winning the hearts of everyone he meets.

People near and far have come together to try and help out the Preuss family, something they will not ever forget. The positive messages, donations to the GoFundMe account, people dropping off food and countless other thoughtful gestures have been made.

 The support continues as a Facebook silent auction for the family is currently taking place. 

The auction is taking place online only and is open to everyone. Simply type Silent Auction for Baby Jason Preussinto the search bar on Facebook and check out the great items up for bid. Bidding will take place from Dec. 7–Dec. 17. 

Many generous members of the community donated some fantastic merchandise and with Christmas right around the corner you may stumble across the perfect gift while helping out the Preuss family.

“We would like to thank everyone for their prayers, donations, reaching out to ask how we’re doing, lending a hand with our other children and the meals while Jason was in the hospital,” said a grateful Gabby. “Those little gestures add up and we are so thankful to be in such a tight-knit community that offers that help and support when needed.”

Gabby, Glen, baby Jason and the rest of the Preuss family still have a long road ahead, a journey of unknowns, but knowing they have each other and the support of so many helps make that road a little bit easier to travel. 

Christmas is coming, hop on Facebook and let’s “Jingle for Jason.”

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