Gavin Gristy has been busy the past year, working on suicide awareness and prevention, along with script writing. Gristy would like to present his script and needs actors in order to do so. Anyone wishing to audition is encouraged to be at City Park on Tuesday, July 30, at noon.

Last fall Gavin Gristy shared his desire to help spread suicide awareness and since then he has been diligently working towards that goal, along with a couple of helpers. Since the article last August, Gristy has teamed up with Elisha Dempsey and Dennis Knickerbocker to form the Lonas Corporation. 

“Right now we are trying to get affiliated with the AFSP, the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention,” said Gristy. “We are working on the building, which was once the old Chinese food restaurant. I really like working with Elisha and Dennis, they are really nice and are dedicated to this cause. Once everything comes together it will be a really good thing.”

The three are working hard, with a few other volunteers here and there, to have the building be a gathering place for kids in the community, offering different things to do or simply a place to just come and hang out.

“It will be somewhere to go, instead of just staying home alone playing video games or wandering the streets,” said Gristy.

The group is hoping to have everything ready to go and up and running later this year. While there have been other volunteers helping with the project, it has mainly been the efforts of Dempsey, Knickerbocker and Gristy. The trio welcomes and appreciates any outside help and encourages anyone who would like to volunteer to contact Dempsey at (406) 460-1131, anytime.

The Lonas Corporation, school and other activities have kept Gristy busy, but he is wanting to add one more project to his list, that of making the script he wrote into an actual production. Gristy shared that he originally wrote the story when one of his friends was feeling down and he wanted to make him laugh.

 “He read it and he did laugh, and now I want to make others laugh, too. It’s mainly a comedy, I want to make people smile,” said Gristy.

The title of the script is “Really,” a story about a boy named Jack who unexpectedly goes into a coma. His adopted family, mother, sister and brother, rush to the hospital. En route to the hospital, his brother, Scott, is killed in a car accident, but returns as a spirit. 

The death of his brother results in a portal to another reality opening and Jack meeting his alternative self, Jackie. Jackie and Jack are the only two who can see Scott and from there the plot thickens, with humor, the Dark Knight and twists throughout. 

Gristy is looking for approximately 10 people to help with making his production a reality and plans on holding auditions in City Park at 12 noon on Tuesday, July 30. A performance will take place in late August or early September. 

For any questions or more information you can contact Gristy through his Gavin Gristy Facebook page.

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