Lisa Leck, second from right, is the new administrator at the Heritage Center, taking over for interim administrator Judy Richman. She is pictured here with her family, from left, Logan, husband Dan, Leighton and Kade. 

The Marias Heritage Center (MHC) has experienced change and growth over the past two years. Since January 2019, Judy Richman retired and Jessica Brusven led the MHC for over a year as the administrator before moving. Jessica led her staff through the initial months of the pandemic, with Judy assisting more due to a majority of the staff being in quarantine and isolation. We are now welcoming Lisa Leck as the new MHC Administrator, 

“I want the residents at MHC to have the best retirement years possible,” said Leck. “I am eager to learn their wants and wishes and am hoping I can make a positive impact in their lives.” 

Leck has been a nurse for 25 years and has worked often with the residents at MHC. Though she worked for Marias Healthcare Services Inc., she did many home visits as a visiting RN. She will be relieving Judy Richman from being in the Interim MHC Administrator position, allowing Richman to go back into retirement. Richman has given so much over the years to the residents, staff and MMC/MHC family through her sacrifice and service. 

We are celebrating both Leck and Richman, and Richman will continue to help Leck through the transition process for a few months to ensure a smooth transition. 

Leck received her Nursing degree through MSU-Northern, married her eighth grade sweetheart, Dan Leck, then lived in Bozeman, Utah and North Dakota before moving back to their hometown of Shelby.

Dan and Lisa have three children, Kade, Logan and Leighton. Leck worked at both Marias Care Center and Marias Medical Center before working at Marias Healthcare Services Inc. She has experience with nearly every healthcare entity in Shelby! 

Transitioning from a nurse into the Administrator of an Assisted Living facility during a pandemic is a daunting task, but Leck is well-prepared for the challenge. She faced the challenges on the clinic side of healthcare and has the experience of Richman to help as well. 

“Covid-19 has challenged all of us to learn new things to help our residents stay in touch with their family and friends,” said Richman. “There are continual changes as more is learned about COVID-19, so all the staff has to be flexible. It was a challenging time, but I am so proud of all our staff at the hospital and Heritage. Everyone kept a great attitude and just did what was necessary.” 

Both Richman and Leck see the great need not only to protect residents during this pandemic, but also to ensure their mental health. 

“I want the community to know that these residents are loved and valued and that the staff is doing everything within their power to make sure they stay safe,” added Leck. 

She works closely with Marias Medical Center’s CEO, Ward VanWichen, in making decisions for MHC during a pandemic.

On a personal note, we asked Richman and Leck a few questions about their favorite things. Richman will work a few days a week once Leck is trained, which will leave more time for the dreaded chore of organizing her home. 

“It’s something I need to do, but it’s not as much fun as working!” 

Her favorite activity is to watch her grandkids in their sporting events or college sports. She has a sweet tooth! If you’re interested in giving her a gift, dark chocolate or brownies will do the trick. She’s a true Montanan who likes to eat steak or pizza, listen to country music and read Montana history. When Richman isn’t working, she is walking! She recently won the MMC Walking Challenge, having walked 471,816 steps in one month. 

While Leck’s time is also filled with her kids’ sporting events and activities, she finds rest in hobbies at home. Though she thoroughly loves summer and the variety of activities that Montana offers (gardening, trail rides, boating, surfing and tubing), she can also be found very happily shopping or reading. 

Leck is most content when she’s at home with her family, doing projects around the house or vacuuming the floor, adding “Seeing those new vacuum lines on the carpet is so satisfying!” 

We are excited to have Leck on our team! Her humor, hard work ethic and friendly demeanor bring added joy to the Heritage Center and the hospital. 

We are also very appreciative of Richman’s sacrifice and dedication and look forward to her being able to step back and relax in retirement (though we’re not entirely confident that Richman will relax). When you see them around town, congratulate Leck on her position, and thank Richman for her dedication and years of service!

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