Shelby Schools Superintendent Elliott Crump announced today (Oct. 8) a total of 100 students, or roughly 22 percent of the student body in K-12, have been affected by COVID-19. 

Crump said the Shelby Public School District has been notified by the Toole County Health Department that six Shelby students and two Shelby teachers have tested positive for COVID-19. As of Oct. 8, seven staff members, including four teachers, were out due to COVID-19, he added.

Crump said the Toole County Health Department will be completing the appropriate contact tracing, and all individuals affected will be contacted by the Health Department and informed of their next steps. 

Crump reminds residents, “Please do not call the Health Department as that will only slow the process of informing those that need to be contacted.” He added, “The Lady Coyotes’ varsity volleyball game for this evening has also been canceled as a result of the current number of cases within the District.”

The following cohorts have been affected by COVID cases:

All Seniors

All Juniors

One 7th Grade Cohort

All 6th Graders

One 3rd Grade Cohort

There are other students that may also be out based on the Health Departments contact tracing.

“As a District we are evaluating the best path to take for our students and staff,” said Crump. “We will continue to do our best to keep our doors open for those students not affected by the current outbreak.”

The local school district is short on substitutes and anyone interested in employment as a sub should contact call the district office at (406) 424-8910 ext. 1 and ask for Elliott Crump.

As a reminder, the Shelby Public School District recommends that any person who feels sick, should stay home and contact their healthcare provider. 

School officials will continue to monitor the situation and will provide further relevant information if and when it becomes available.

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