Sunburst fifth graders in Mrs. Shawn Christiaens class had a great time not only creating haunted houses, but writing up descriptive summaries to sell them to potential buyers. Pictured with their masterpieces are, from back left, Devon Hutton, Elonzo Benjamin, Jackie Robbins and Colter Sandon; front row, Parker Berthelote, Vince Taylor and Wyatt Rogers.

Descriptive writing is a skill that develops over time and Sunburst Elementary fifth grade teacher, Shawn Christiaens, tries to incorporate the skill whenever she can. Finding fun ways to do so can be a challenge, but making it a part of a Halloween-themed project is just one way she has gotten her students writing. With October being the month of everything spooky, and Christiaens also being a part-time real estate agent and owner of dtj insurance and real estate, the answer seemed obvious.

“I came up with the idea of writing a listing for their haunted houses,” said Christiaens. “Students wrote a listing and then drew their houses. The project has taught them word choice, descriptive writing, the who, what, when, where, how and why of writing an ad or invitation, and spatial order.”

Writing descriptive summaries of the haunted houses for sale has proven to be a great project for students in the past and this year wasn’t any different. Christiaens’ fifth graders put a lot of thought and creativity into the project, writing fantastic descriptions for their haunted houses sure to impress any spook or spirit looking for a new place to call home.

Halloween Special! $3,000 302 Spooky St. N., Halloweenville, Montana.

This 3,000-square feet house, located at 302 Spooky Street North, Halloweenville, Montana, can be yours for only $3,000. In the attic there is a small window off of a bedroom from which howls emit. One the main floor you will find three bedrooms with new and improved cobwebs, two bathrooms with spiderweb shower curtains, a sitting room with an everlasting fire, and a kitchen that is generally crowded with witches. The basement has one bathroom that is infested with skeletons and spiders. If you walk on the decayed porch you have a ninety nine percent chance of falling into the zombies bedroom. The garden is an overgrown cemetery and the tree out front is teemed with black cats. For more information call us at: 436-532-4426 or email us at SpiderWebsInc@gmail.com

Elonzo Benjamin

New to the Market! $29,492, 545 Terrifying Gremlin St., Miles City, Montana.

Want a screaming good deal? This 10,000 sq. feet three story house new to the market has two bedrooms and one bathroom. A gruesome kitchen has been updated with a cook and on demand specialty witches brew stew. And that is just the main floor. There is termite free stairs that lead up to the second floor. A living room that will make your heart race faster than a peregrine falcon, which includes terrifying monsters who pop out of the furniture. A library to die for, and a laundry room with full zombie service. The third floor has one bedroom and one bathroom with bats clustered together. Don’t forget the view from the tower at the top of the house! A statue of a gremlin makes this home one of a kind. Contact me today at 393-8572 or email me at creapyempor@gmail.com. Or my co-worker at monstermash@yahoo.com. Contact one of us for this spooktakular house!

Wyatt Rogers

Move in Ready! $299,625, 628 Halloween Drive, Nashville, Tennessee.

This delightful 19,000 sq. ft. house on 628 Halloween Drive, has six floors and ten bedrooms with spooky cobwebs included. A large living room filled with spiders will entertain your guests. Five bathrooms include clogged up sinks and bathtubs. There are four kitchens with cooking witches but be careful there might be grass clippings in the food! It has a three door garage filled with spooky scary skeletons. Outside the pool is filled with gooey goblin juice. The gruesome yard is ready for Halloween with dead grass, deep holes, and bones! The price for this delightful house is $299,625. You can scare me at 1-500-157-7500 or you can email me at scaringsomanypeople@gmail.com. Text or call to get more data about this delightful house!

Devon Hutton

$500,000- 1023 Dracula Street Spooksville, Transylvania

This three story 10,000 square foot house for $500,000 at 1023 Dracula Street, Spooksville, Transylvania, is the most ominous one around! It has 5 bathrooms, 20 bedrooms, 5 kitchens, and 17 living rooms. Each of the five kitchens come complete with cauldrons for your witches brew. The 20 bedrooms each come complete with a rickety bed and a closet of terror. Included in each of the 17 living rooms are 3 couches, and 2 black and white cable televisions. There is a balcony on the 3rd floor with a climbing rope for all of your werewolf friends. The feud ghost in the attic makes all of your terrifying midnight thrills even more terrifying. Also the dead grass and custom decorated cobwebs make for the perfect family gatherings. Need more information? Scare us at 1-369-722-7437. Or email us at scarymanrealestate@barbar-ian.com.

Parker Berthelote

This three story 5,000 square ft unknown bed, 10 bath house for $500,000 on Werewolf Island, 12 Sasquatch St. near Sidney, Montana has a terribly kept yard, and a secret werewolf cave perfect for a family that loves creepy pets! Inside this large home, adventure awaits! The inside has an entire stock of furniture eating leeches. The kitchen is complete with an almost blind cook that makes grand spooky meals, but be careful because if you’re small enough he may think your food! In the dining room, tables move through the chaos while the ghosts serve the delicious treats. The stairs that move to the 2nd and 3rd floors, will lead you into a creepy and strange never ending zombie and spider filled maze! Give us a call at (947) 8877-3149 or text us at creepymaze@8890.com to make this haunted house yours!

Colter Sandon

Price Reduced! $2,500,000 9098 Bat Road Creepsville, CA

This wonderfully creepy four story 3,500 sq. ft home located at 9098 Bat Road in Creepsville, CA is a great place to relax. The downstairs boasts a fireplace and a gutted TV where the ghosts perform puppet shows. On the main floor, the kitchen includes 5 witches who will brew a frog eye stew upon request in 10 minutes. Five bedrooms with cobweb filled mattresses on the second floor, and one bathroom on each floor with hair filled sinks will accommodate numerous hairy goblins. The unique staircase comes complete with an echoing scream for every hair rising step. Thousands of bats soaring over head fill the attic. The backyard features mud spitting rock warts that act as sprinklers. For only $2,500,000, you can own this spectacular one of a kind house. For more information call us at 564-753-1200 or visit our website at www.buy/a/great/spooky/house.com.

Vince Taylor

Motivated Seller! $14,000 939 Candy Corn Road Screamville, Texas.

This $14,000 1,500 square foot three story haunted house will be the fright of your life! With four bedrooms, two baths, a garden, and a green bubbly pool in back, this home filled with goblins and ghosts will make you the envy of the neighborhood on Halloween night. The kitchen, dining room, and living room on the main floor may need some remodeling. On the second floor four bedrooms decorated with spider webs come complete with chattering skeletons. Watch the staircase on the way to the towers. It gets slippery from the pink goo that drips from the wall. Three unique towers come complete with bats and brewing recipes and cauldrons to create unique potions. The home comes with a gargoyle that will protect your home, and if you hear sobbing that’s just the heartbroken ghost wanting to leave. Come take a look at this home located at 939 Candy Corn Road. When you hear a blood curdling scream you have arrived. Contact me at 406-911-2100 or email me at screamsareus@goust-screams.org.

Jackie Robbins

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