The unofficial general election results for Toole County are in. Keep in mind these results are not official until they have been canvassed. A majority of Toole County residents voted absentee.

Out of 1,406 absentee ballots mailed out 1,091 were returned, for 80.02 percent. At the polls 1,163 were registered and 582 voted, for 50.04 percent. Overall, voter turnout in Toole County was 65 percent.

“That’s not very good,” said Clerk and Recorder Treva Nelson. “The turn out for absentees was good, but not at the polls.”

The highly competitive campaign between Republican Toole County Sheriff candidates, Tyler Padilla and write-in, Josh Uylaki, found Padilla winning the overall voter approval with 75 percent support with 620 votes and Uylaki receiving 205.

All other Toole County positions up for election this year were uncontested. Incumbent Mary Ann Hardwood received 99 percent of the votes for County Commissioner for District 2, as did incumbent Terry Kimmet for County Commissioner District 3.

Clerk and Recorder incumbent, Treva Nelson, received 99 percent voter approval as did Dan Whitted for another term as Coroner. Merle Raph will continue to serve as County Attorney with 98 percent voter approval, Phyllis Robertson as Toole County Public Administrator with 99 percent and Boyd Jackson as Toole County Treasurer/Assessor/Superintendent of Schools with 99 percent voter support.

After serving multiple terms as Toole County Sheriff, Donna Whitt will now serve the community as the Toole County Justice of the Peace, receiving 99 percent voter approval. She will officially take her place as Justice of the Peace upon being sworn in come January as current Justice of the Peace, Peter (Joe) Rapkoch, retires.

Bruce “Butch” Gillespie received 99 percent voter approval and will continue to serve as State Senator for District 9 and Llew Jones will continue to serve as State Representative for District 18.

When it comes to the United State Representative 2nd District race Republican Matt Rosendale came out ahead of candidates Penny Ronning (Democrat), Sam Rankin (Libertarian) and Gary Buchanan (Independent). Republican Randy Pinocci received 99 percent of Toole County votes for Public Service Commissioner for District 1. Jim Rice beat out Bill D’Alton for Supreme Court Justice #1 in Toole County and James Brown came out ahead in a close race for Supreme Court Justice #2 over Ingrid Gustafson.

Legislative Referendum No. 131 was approved by Toole County voters, as was Constitutional Amendment No. 48.

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