Cindy Frydenlund

If you have ever been admitted into what is now Logan Health-Shelby over the past four decades this is the smiling, welcoming face that greeted you, Cindy Frydenlund. Photo courtesy Laura Welker

Whether you are being admitted for lab work, X-rays or a hospital stay, Cindy Frydenlund is the smiling face of Logan Health-Shelby that greets you with a calm reassurance and organized manner that one can appreciate in such situations. After 47 years of hard work and dedication, Frydenlund has decided to move on to the next chapter in life, that of retirement.

Frydenlund first started as a nurses aide back in 1975 for the Toole County Hospital, working her way into ward clerk and then admissions. She spent some time doing billing in the business office, but it was soon realized that she belonged at the front desk, doing what she does best, admitting folks into the facility.

“This job has grown up with me,” said Frydenlund. “I started at 17, right out of high school. I graduated from Shelby High School in June of 1975 and started working here in August of 1975.”

As one can imagine, many changes have taken place in over four decades: what is referred to as “the big move,” computer systems, administration. And through it all, Frydenlund adapted and continued to do the best she could for her community.

“It has been a part of the community, as Toole County Hospital, Marias Medical Center and now Logan Health-Shelby, it grew with my family and I,” said Frydenlund. “It’s always there, supporting all of us through the times, both good and changing. We went from handwritten everything to now. In over 47 years I overcame changes by being adaptable, because we had to.”

Frydenlund is the first to admit her success wasn’t all on her own and shared that her co-workers have always been her cheering squad. While many have come and gone, quite a few have grown to become a big family, one that she will miss seeing daily when she is done. She will also miss seeing so many members of the community on a regular basis.

“I will miss all of the patients. I have become close to so many people,” shared Frydenlund.

But there are other people who it is now time to dedicate more of her time to and those would be her family. Frydenlund is the proud mother of three and even prouder grandmother of seven.

“I have six grandchildren in Helena and one in Florida,” smiled Frydenlund. “It’s time to spend more time with my family and friends. I wear a few hats here, admissions and ward clerk, and I’d like to slow it all down a bit. Sleeping in is the first on the list, then reading some books.”

Frydenlund’s last day will be Thursday, Oct. 13, and a party will be held at Logan Health-Shelby in her honor. The community is invited to stop in, thank her for her years of hard work and dedication and wish her well in retirement. An ad with the details in regards to the time of the party will be in next week’s edition of the paper.

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