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The new Sunburst Community Center has been a popular place for hosting functions. Photo courtesy of Korey Fauque

Many are aware that Ben Taylor, Inc. (BTI) has been bought out by another corporation.

In the end, the process was a bit more complicated than that. BTI was being bought by City Service out of Kalispell, but then City Service and BTI both ended up being bought on the same day by Seattle-based Salt Chuck.

Salt Chuck is a privately owned, family corporation that is very much invested in its communities.

“Salt Chuck is very, very generous in giving to the communities it works in,” said Scott Curry, BTI manager. “They have a very keen understanding that they need to support the communities we work in. We were told to stay as involved as we always have been, if not more so.”

The BTI legacy of supporting its communities continues, with the most recent donation going to the new Sunburst Community Center in the amount of $5,000.

“Ben Taylor Inc. gave us a $5,000 donation for our Sunburst Community Center to buy a floor scrubber for that venue,” Korey Fauque said.

According to Curry, the values of Salt Chuck align hand in hand with the original owners of BTI and Simons, that of being very community minded and supporting those who do business and support them.

That is not always the case with corporate buyouts, but the family values that have been a part of BTI since its beginning in 1946 remain.

“We are really lucky they understand the value of their employees and their communities,” Curry said. “They want to be a leader in doing what is right. We donated to the Sunburst Community Center because that has been our legacy since 1946. We are very fortunate that someone with the same values bought us.”

Since the buyout occurred, BTI has donated to a number of other community causes as well: the Marias Fair Livestock Auction, the Browning 4-H auction and various fundraisers throughout the communities they serve.

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