1B All-Conference

Boys first team

Tate Monroe, junior, Cut Bank (All-State)

Tyson Schenk, senior, Fairfield (All-State)

Teague Stump, junior, Rocky Boy (All-State)

Kyle McDermott, junior, Shelby

Trenton Emerson, senior, Shelby

Cooper Christensen, senior, Fairfield

Boys second team

Jaydas Running Wolf, sophomore, Cut Bank

Randon Richman, junior, Shelby

Owen Cartwright, senior, Fairfield

Kellen Colliflower, senior, Rocky Boy

Brian Ward, senior, Fairfield

Domitri Standing Rock, senior, Rocky Boy

Girls first team

Kendra Spotted Bear, sr., Cut Bank (All-State)

Toryn Martinez, junior, Fairfield (All-State)

Ada Bieler, senior, Choteau (All-State)

Aliyah Cruz, senior, Cut Bank

Tala Eneboe, junior, Conrad

Emma Schenk, junior, Fairfield

Girls second team

Jori Clary, senior, Shelby

Cameron Blevins, junior, Shelby

Mackenzie Johnson, senior, Cut Bank

Destini Anderson, sophomore, Cut Bank

Jayci Demontiney, junior, Rocky Boy

Cierra Kulpus, senior, Conrad

10C All-Conference

Boys first team

Riley Reevis, senior, Heart Butte (All-State)

Conlan Kerfoot, senior, Sunburst (All-State)

Thomas Young Running Crane, jr., Heart Butte

Casey Deroche, senior, Heart Butte

James Lewis, senior, Cascade

Carter Casavant, senior, Cascade

Ezra Leach, senior, Simms

Boys second team

Connor Sullivan, senior, Sunburst

Jude Reevis, sophomore, Heart Butte

Lance Morgan, sophomore, Heart Butte

Kyler Smerker, junior, Simms

Caiden Sekuterski, junior, Cascade

Aidan Reeve, sophomore, Dutton-Brady

Trenton Sheldon, junior, Simms

Boys Coach of the Year

Mike Moore, Cascade

Girls first team

Claire Bucklin, junior, Sunburst (All-State)

Peyton Levine, junior, Augusta (All-State)

Kenzie Allen, sophomore, Simms

Sophia Mortag, sophomore, Cascade

Kenzie Hauk, junior, Cascade

Hailey May, senior, Dutton-Brady-Power

Kodee Shalz, junior, Augusta

Girls second team

Bobbi Tail Feathers, senior, Heart Butte

Kinley Kovatch, senior, Valier

Kodiann Lynn, senior, Simms

Alaina Barger, senior, Cascade

Hattie Orem, sophomore, Augusta

Laura Zietzke, senior, Simms

Jersey Somerfeld, senior, Dutton-Brady-Power

Girls Coach of the Year

Jeff Mortag, Cascade

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