Krysko Park

The ribbon cutting at Krysko Park was a day celebrated by many in the community. While the skate park itself was founded by Jeff Ament and Larry Krystkowiak, it was grant funding applied for and received by the City of Shelby that provided play structures, trash receptacles, green spaces and picnic area. A public hearing for the community to share what other projects they feel are needed in Shelby is coming up on Feb. 6, at 6:30 p.m., at City Hall, all are invited to attend and share their ideas. Photo by Jennifer Van Heel

The best way to find out what a community needs is by obtaining information from those who live in the community. Whether it’s more low-income housing, more licensed daycares, street maintenance or updating equipment at local parks, your input is appreciated and the time to share it is coming up on Monday, Feb. 6, during the public hearing being held at 6:30 p.m. at Shelby City Hall.

“The general needs assessment public hearing is a great opportunity for the community to freely express their concerns, offer input and ideas and become part of the community solution,” said Shelby Community Development Director Lorette Carter. “I believe our top community needs include housing, childcare, retail opportunities and continued upgrade of our infrastructure.”

According to Carter, in the past year the City has received funding to assist with several projects in the area, including the demolition of the Bitterroot School, which will allow new housing units to be constructed and more affordable housing available, and infrastructure funding to assist the city in upgrading portions of the wastewater system, water storage capacity and distribution lines. There has also been grant funding given for the city to build two, new low-to-moderate income homes. These are all community needs that were addressed previously and now projects that are, or will be, underway.

“Other grant funded projects in the works for 2023 include a restroom structure in Meadowlark Park, completion of the Main Street SHELBY sign, exterior renovations at Historic Shelby Town Hall, tree maintenance and new tree planting and assistance programs for families for swim lessons this summer,” Carter said.

The Hill Mountain Bike Trail, Krysko Skate Park, improvements to the ice-skating rink at Aronow Park and the Roadrunner Trail are just a few examples of ideas that have been brought forth by community members that have resulted in successful projects benefiting the community. All ideas and input from community members are taken into consideration and appreciated by Carter, Mayor Gary McDermott and the City Council. Anyone with ideas for community development is encouraged to attend the public hearing on Monday, Feb. 6. If you are unable to attend you can also share your ideas by contacting City Hall at (406) 434-5222, or by emailing Carter at

“Community voices are heard, and consideration is given to all ideas that come forth,” concluded Carter. “We sincerely hope residents will attend the public hearing Monday, Feb. 6th, beginning at 6:30 p.m. at City Hall.”

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