Domguia Family

The Domguia family is settled in Shelby while they wait for husband/father, Jean Marcel to finish his assignment in the Middle East. In the meantime, Sara (Bridge) Domguia is spreading her wings in the Shelby community and brings children and parents together to celebrate everything music. Pictured are, left to right, Clementine, Jean-Marcel, Sara, and baby Ezra.

Sara (Bridge) Domguia, a 1998 graduate of Shelby High School, is making her mark on Shelby by bringing together children and parents for a weekly music hour with her group called Shelby Kids Music Co-op. Children ages one to five and their parents get to spend a captivating hour while Domguia leads them through songs, poems, dances, and creative play with a variety of music to inspire any imagination.

Domguia is gifted in many ways.  She is a graduate from the University of Utah in linguistics and received her Masters degree, also in linguists.  She taught English in the Czech Republic and spent two years in South Korea training teachers to teach English through Georgetown University.  

Domguia also builds online curriculums for universities and her latest projects over the last three years have involved creating courses from Lethbridge College and BYU Hawaii. 

Her latest venture of branching out and collaborating with families throughout the community to create a gathering place for children and parents to explore music together stems from her own children’s interest in music.  “We always have a Pandora station on. My daughter Clementine is passionate about it.  One day I put some music on and my 10 month old started dancing like crazy.  I thought, I’ve got to start this program for him,” shared Domguia.

Domguia grew up in Shelby but spent the last few years in Oahu, Hawaii where her husband was stationed in the military.  She also began a music group in Hawaii for young children which continued even after she left.  Now as she spends some time in Shelby while her husband is assigned to the Middle East, she is excited to have another group off the ground and thriving. 

“I have a dual focus. I want to help kids and parents.  I feel like there is a benefit to a community where parents can get together doing something they love. Everyone benefits in this. The winter months get long; it’s tough to find a good activity.  I believe strongly in community building. I believe in knowing and being there for your neighbors,” shared Domguia.

With an expanding group that varies from 35-45 children and parents each week, Domguia’s success is apparent.  Loralee Aikins takes her three children, ages 6, 4 and 3, each week. She appreciates Domguia’s initiative in putting together a class for pre-school age children. “It has really grown from the first week as more people hear about it. You see different people every week.  There are even some coming from different towns close by now.  The kids get 45 minutes of singing and learning rhythm, clapping, dancing, and being able to express themselves in a freestyle atmosphere and engaging with other kids they don’t normally get to see through the week.”

Aikins particularly enjoys the content of the musical selections the children learn and the way Domguia manages the class. “My kids’ favorites are the Dinosaur song and Bunny song and my favorite is the Fishy song.  Sara is very organized and has fun little songs I had never heard before, all of them with actions and activities so the kids are always moving.”

Aikins added, “Sara takes requests and ideas from anyone who wants to get involved, is very engaging with the kids, and has a very neat way about her that gets the kids interacting.  We love it and the kids look forward to it every week.” 

Aikins encourages those with young children to give the class a try. “I would absolutely recommend it to anyone.  It is something different you can do with your little ones outside of your normal weekly activities that engages the kids, runs off energy, and mixes with music.”

Domguia holds the class each Friday morning at 10am at the LDS church across from the Shelby Elementary School or you can go onto Facebook and find more info at Shelby Kids Music Co-op.

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