Over 20 students from Toole County attended Health Rocks Camp held in the Flathead Valley at Darryl Fenner’s 4-H camp. The camp was a great success again this year and enjoyed by all attending.

On Monday, June 6, 21 students in grades six through eight from Shelby and Sunburst embarked on a new adventure, Health Rocks Camp, held in the Flathead Valley at Darryl Fenner’s 4-H camp. There were five junior counselors along for the fun this year, each receiving 40 hours of community service credits. Junior counselors included Virgil Manthey of Kevin, Alison Nau of Sunburst, CC Parsons from Conrad, Evan Clarke of Shelby and camp assistant, Ginger Seifert, Shelby. Northern Transit Authority generously transported the participants to and from camp.

“This year we added a camp assistant to the adult chaperones, and she was able to receive community service credits as well,” said Toole County Alliance for Youth coordinator, Mary Miller.

All participants greatly enjoyed the camp activities provided and gained some knowledge while they were there. The camp took place June 6-9 and Class Action was used as the curriculum. With this curriculum those attending camp held mock trials on civil cases concerning alcohol offenses. 

Not only did the campers learn some valuable information from the curriculum, but they also learned the authentic way to play Indian Stick Ball and how the Salish Kootenai Tribe honor their customs and beliefs.

Outside events were also brought into camp this year. The MSU Opioid Extension Outreach Program attended an evening of camping and shared their message on the dangers of opioids and the dangers of ordering them from social media. 

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