Albertsons employees and Turkey Bucks organizers, Bailey Jackson, left, Tana Ortiz and Angie Welker, are excited about these donation gobblers that were hand-delivered by their creator, James Ballow, of Las Vegas, Nev., recently. Be watching as the turkeys will be popping up all around town in yards in search of donations!

If that “Elf on a Shelf” for the holiday season, you may want to also keep an eye out for lurking turkey! Albertsons is once again promoting its Turkey Bucks program this year, but with a fun new twist. Albertsons’ employee, Angie Welker, came up with this year’s new idea.

“We will be placing them randomly in yards throughout Shelby,” explained Albertsons employee Ruby Neva. For a $5 donation they will be removed. If you don’t want to find a turkey lurking again, make a $10 donation and your yard will remain turkey free.

If you would like to participate, or have any questions, talk to Glen, Tana, Bailey, Ruby, Angie or Shelly at Albertsons or call (406) 434-5581.

It won’t be hard to see if you have a turkey in your yard, as they stand approximately three feet tall. James Ballows, of Las Vegas, Nev., made the turkeys for Albertsons and even drove them up from Nevada for this event.

All funds donated to the Turkey Bucks program this year will remain local. Another change to the program is that instead of receiving a food basket with all the fixings for a holiday meal, recipients will receive an Albertsons gift card.

“This will allow the recipients to purchase what they would like for their meal,” said Neva. “The gift cards will be distributed by Pastor Chad Scarborough of the First Baptist Church.”

If you know of a family that is in need of some extra help who would benefit from the Turkey Bucks program please contact Pastor Chad at the First Baptist Church, (406) 434-5383.

There will be other fundraising events happening for Turkey Bucks. Be watching for the different opportunities to donate.

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