Darryl Wayne Horn Jr.

A lifelong resident of the Blackfeet Nation, Darryl Wayne Horn Jr., age 53, passed away on Friday, Nov. 1, 2019, at his friend’s residence here in Browning.

Darryl Wayne was born in Browning on June 10, 1966, to Darryl “Gordo” Horn Sr. and Emily “Bernice” Arrowtop. During his younger elementary years, he was at the Blackfeet Boarding Dorm where he got the nickname “The One Man Band.” He attended Browning Public Schools and graduated from high school in 1985.

Probably the most important hobby of Darryl Wayne’s was playing drums. Music was always an important part of his life, and he was a self-taught drummer. Later on he enjoyed being a part of his dad’s group, “The New Creation,” a part of his cousin Jon Hart’s group, “Pepe and Cisco Rides Again,” as well as a few other local bands.

Darryl Wayne enjoyed firefighting and doing odd jobs in the community. He was a very social person and often could been seen all over town.

Darryl Wayne is survived by his dad, Gordo Horn, and step-mom, Rita Horn; his two younger brothers, Aaron and Clinton Horn; along with his six children, Darryl III, Natelle, Danielle, Veronica, Marvin Horn and Dalyn Lamere-Horn. He is also survived by a large extended family, aunts, uncles and numerous cousins.

He was preceded in death by his sister, Darla Jean Horn; two brothers, Angelo Horn and Richard Neil; his mother, Bernice Arrowtop, and step-dad Melvin “Beans” Arrowtop; his paternal grandparents Lawrence and Mary Jane Horn; and his maternal grandparents, Robert and Florence Gray.

A wake service was held at the Old Eagle Shield Center starting Nov. 3, with rosary service on Nov. 4 and a funeral mass on Nov. 5. Darryl Wayne was laid to rest by his sister, Darla, at the Horn Family Cemetery in Heart Butte.