Lewellyn J. Reevis Jr.

Lewellyn passed away Dec. 3 at family home outside of Wapato, Wash., with family by his side. 

He was born Oct, 28, 1970, in Toppenish, Wash., to Lewellyn C. Reevis and Janice Andrew Mesplie. Lew was enrolled at the Blackfeet Nation, Browning, with descent lineage of Yakama and Winnebago Sioux. He was raised on the Yakama reservation and dedicated to all endeavors regarding both the Yakama and Blackfeet tribes

Lew graduated from Chemawa Indian School in 1987. Later in 1989 he met the mother of his children, Lorena Windyboy Reevis, and then joined Army for basic training with a medical discharge. Afterward he attended heavy equipment training in Vancouver, Wash., and worked construction in Washington, Montana and California.

He traveled with the Blacklodge Singers throughout Canada and U.S. powwow trail with Uncle Kenneth and Auntie Louise Scabbyrobe. In his younger days he enjoyed traditional dancing, stick game, cribbage and card games

On May 21, 2016, he meet his companion, Gena Stevens; they had so many beautiful adventures together and so much love for each other up until his departure.

Lew had a kind, giving heart and left everyone smiling from his infectious humor.

He is survived by his companion, Gena Stevens; mother, Janice Andrew Mesplie; Auntie Vererna Reevis Goudy of Browning; sisters Maggie Reevis Marceau (RJ Marceau), Delaine Demontiney, Darcy Stahi and Andrea Atkins of Seattle WA; bother Michael A. Reevis Sr.; a son, Cody J. Rave Reevis; three daughters Lynette, Jayleen and Jade Reevis; six grandchildren, Jonathon Reevis, Malaya, Kawhi, Kehlanni Talksabout, Thomas and Oliva Root; Uncle Lloyde (Curly) (Lila) Reevis of Browning; and Ron and Eugena Morrison, Sal Burke.

He was preceded in death by his paternal great grandparents Chief Charles Crow Reevis (Elizabeth First Strikes); grandparents Henry Reevis (Genvieve Many White Horses); maternal great grandparents Mary Charley Hunt (Sam Tanewasha); Chief Jobe Charley; grandparents Louise Looney (Willard C. Rave); father Lewellyn C. Reevis; daughter Shalene T. Reevis; Corwin Andrews, Willard Burke, Viola Grace Reevis Stahi, Madison May Stahi, Joseph Boehme Jr., Charles Reevis and Janice Rose Marceau.