Fayedean ‘Freddie’ Tibbitts

Fayedean “Freddie” Tibbitts, 63, of Cut Bank, passed away on Monday, July 15, 2019, after a lengthy battle with COPD.

A Memorial Service will be held at a later date.

Freddie was born in Cut Bank on June 5, 1956, to Trevor “Red” and Molly (Dean) Tibbitts. She was the youngest of three children. Freddie attended schools in Cut Bank and Billings, graduating in 1974 from Billings Senior High School. It was in Billings that she met her husband of a few years, Steve Young. After divorcing, Freddie moved around a bit. She worked as a waitress and a bartender for many years all over the state of Montana. She loved meeting new people and those were perfect jobs to do so. She also worked at the Glacier County Road Department for seven years as a secretary and driving the asphalt roller in the summer months.

Freddie didn’t need or want anything “fancy” to be content – deck of cards, a camping trip, dancing, friends, family and music – she loved her music! She could hear a few words from most songs from the 60s, 70s and 80s and know who sang it, title of the song and even the album name. she would argue with people who second-guessed her, imagine that? Even her brother Glen, who knew EVERYTHING that had to do with music. 

Freddie also loved to cook, especially for others. She was good at cooking and it truly made her happy to have others enjoy her food.

Later in life, she picked up the Bible and enjoyed every minute she spent reading it. She often mentioned how she wished she took an interest in learning the bible earlier in life.

Going through old pictures, craft painting, macramé and beading occupied some of the free time she had left, after religiously watching The Young and the Restless for 40 years and tending to her houseplants. Freddie and her plants…oh she loved her houseplants. Almost as much as she liked a good hug from a loved one. She gave the best hugs!

Freddie was witty, adventurous, comical, likable, determined and one of a kind. She also was semi-quick to admit her mistakes, not judgmental and had an open mind. Freddie possibly, well maybe, probably, actually, well…she could be a little ornery…but her heart was big. She loved and she loved fiercely. Freddie will be missed by many.

“When someone does something wrong, don’t forget all of the things they did right.”

Survivors include a daughter, Molly Tibbitts (Todd); brother, Larry Tibbitts; niece Dena Tibbitts; two grandchildren, Harlee Johnson and Tenley Johnson; cousins, Maynard Dean, Paul Dean, Doug Lowrance, Karen Parsons and Judy May “Licken’ Get-er”; as well as a few extended family members and many friends.

Freddie was preceded in death by her parents, Molly and Trevor; brother Glenn Tibbitts; cousins, Bucky Lowrance, Cub Dean and Lamar Shook.