Kassidi Marie Myrick Bridge

Kassidi Marie Myrick Bridge

Kassidi Marie Myrick Bridge was a driving force. Now, as she has passed and countless people remain feeling connected to her, it is clear the thing that drove her most was a desire to love and uplift her people.

In the spring of 1983, Kassidi was the first-born child of Wade and Karen Myrick in Laramie, Wyo., with four siblings soon to follow. At age 11, when she moved to Shelby, she began to demonstrate her athletic prowess and enthusiasm for team building as she was a standout player and friend. It was also here that she met the love of her life, Brandon Bridge.

When she turned 16, Kassidi moved with her family to Winner, S.D., where she excelled in basketball, volleyball, track and field, and music. She also became the high school state champion in throwing the discus.

Kassidi went on to university, where she studied education and became an all-American athlete and graduated cum laude.

After a number of years of letter writing, Kassidi and Brandon connected on a deeper level in 2004 and soon after were married. They became parents to the clever Hazel Ann (15) and the dynamic Olof Alan (12). Together, they lived in Utah, New Mexico, and then settled in Missoula. 

Kassidi and Brandon taught Hazel and Ole to appreciate nature. They loved to spend time hiking, fishing and floating the river. Their home was filled with music, both from great albums they loved and the songs they performed themselves. Kassidi was a songbird who could play many instruments with ease.

Kass was playful and funny and had a laugh that rang like a bell. She had a very particular design sensibility, appreciating vintage treasures, authentic materials and color. She loved to create art through many mediums, including watercolor, quilting and jewelry.

Kassidi had to live for many years in a body full of pain. She endured countless surgeries and treatments and was not a stranger to suffering. However, at the core of all she endured and grew a depth of wonder and appreciation for life. On Jan. 7 she passed on peacefully and void of pain at home with her family. Services were held in Missoula on Sunday, Jan. 15.

Kassidi is lovingly remembered by her parents, Wade and Karen Myrick, and siblings, Kaile (wife Cambria), Whitney (husband Andy), Rustin (wife Charlyn) and Hunter (wife Laie). She is also dearly missed by her parents-in-law, Alan and Colleen Bridge, and their children, Sara (husband Jean Marcel), Daniel (wife Christal) and Connor (wife Nicole), and many nieces and nephews on both sides.