Erma Faye Aims Back, 49, also known as “Mom,” passed away in Heart Butte, 

Mont. at her family home July 4, 2020. She was born in Browning,  Mont. on Feb. 26, 1971. 

Services were held July 11 at the family home in Heart Butte, Mont. 

Erma’s parents are Joe (Joseph) and Wilma Aims Back. She was raised in Heart Butte, Mont. Erma went to Clear 

Field Job Corps in Salt Lake City, Utah. She was a lifelong fire fighter and a PCA worker. She enjoyed going to the casino, housekeeping and watching pool leagues. 

She was survived by son Joseph Peter Aims Back Jr.; brothers Stuart Aims Back and Peter Sam Aims Back; aunt Mary Louis Aims Back, and uncle Sammy Aims Back. 

Erma was preceded in death by her mother Wilma Aims Back, and father Joseph Aims Back Sr.