Christian P. Hofer, 78, passed away Wednesday, June 12, 2019, at Marias Medical Center.

Funeral services were held Saturday, June 15, at Hillside Colony.

Christian was born March 13, 1941 in Warner, Canada. He married Mary Wipf on Nov. 11, 1962. Christian was the colony electrician for 22 years. He helped all over as much as he could. He did not have a lazy bone in his body. 

Survivors include his wife, Mary; sisters, Margareth (Mike) Wurz, Anna (Peter) Wurz, and Martha (John) Wurz all of Rimrock Colony, Rachel (David) Hofer of Eagle Creek Colony in Galata, and Lydia (Mike) Waldner of Big Stone Colony in Great Falls; and brother, Joseph (Elizabeth) Hofer of Eagle Creek Colony.

He was preceded in death by brother, Rev. Peter Hofer and Mike Hofer; sister, Rebecca Kleinsasser; and parents, Rev. Peter and Rebecca Hofer.

He will be greatly missed by his beloved wife and all.