Herman Whitegrass Sr.

Herman Whitegrass Sr., 78, passed away at Benefis East COVID-19 ward in Great Falls, Mont., on Nov. 25, 2020.

Herman was born to James Nels and Amy Ground Whitegrass who preceded him in death.

Herman was a state certified Chemical Dependency counselor and worked in the field for 40 years

Herman had many hobbies such as making crafts, painting, hunting and fishing, and spending time with family. He had a great passion for music. After an injury to his right elbow, Herman went from being right handed to left. He played lead guitar but moved to playing bass. He volunteered his time, playing music at church, funerals, prayer meetings and on occasion at a picnic or birthday.

When Herman got into recovery, he started attending church at Fred and Phyllis Bullcalf’s where he dedicated his life to the Lord.

Two years ago Herman was diagnosed with two stage 4 cancers which he overcame under the care of Dr. Jose Ness of Kalispell Regional Medical Center. At this time Herman called his little sister, Yvonne Salois, to tell her he rededicated his life to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Herman was preceded in death by sisters Cleo and Alfreda Whitegrass, Stella Finley and Audrey Scabby Robe; brothers Allen and Clarence Whitegrass all of Browning; his sons Shawn Sr. and Herman Whitegrass Jr.; and daughters Amy Sue and Koreen Whitegrass.

He is also survived by his wife Margaret of 31 years; son Robert Whitegrass; a special little girl we took as our granddaughter, Braylin Kicking Woman; and Ariana Johnson. 

Herman is survived by brother Bernard Whitegrass; sisters Agnes Reeves, Thelma Bear Medicine and Yvonne Salois; an aunt, Gerty Heavy Runner; grandsons Shawn Jr., Nathaniel, Garrett and Chris Whitegrass; and eight great grandchildren.

Herman will be missed by family, friends and coworkers at BCDP-Crystal Creek Lodge.