Priscilla “Doll” Gilbert

In loving memory of Priscilla “Doll” Gilbert, who passed away in her home on Jan. 17, 2020. Her family plans to honor her life with a private memorial in Glacier when the snow finally melts. 

She was born near Birch Creek, Mont., in April of 1934 to Sydney Adams and Margaret Hall. She was a daughter of the Blackfeet lineage and raised in the traditions and language of its people. She was also part of a generation of people as strong and stern as they were sweet, loving, and kind - a generation of people who often sewed their own clothes, made their own furniture, fixed their own cars, grew their own gardens, and baked their own bread (who in their right mind would BUY bread?). 

Doll exemplified these generalizations and still defied convention. 

She painted her own art, including portraits of every dog she ever had; taught herself to play the piano with gusto; and knitted, crocheted, and quilted countless beautiful blankets, curtains, and tablecloths for everyone she knew. She also had a fun and kind sense of humor and at the same time she had a winner’s drive, both in board games and casinos. 

She loved to start her day singing off-key while playing her piano surrounded by her howling dogs and parakeets, and end her day watching Downtown Abbey, or anything inspired by Jane Austen. Her family takes solace knowing that her spirit is happy with her husband Bill somewhere in the winds of East Glacier where they first set out in the 1950’s to raise their family before moving to Missoula. 

She is survived by her six children: Billy, Patti, Paul, Michael, Matt, and Gordon, and six grandchildren.