Harlan Stuart Hall

Harlan Stuart Hall was born February 16, 1966, to Glenn “Ike” Hall and Catherine Chief All Over Salois Hall. He attended junior high school in Heart Butte, played football and was in track. He then went to high school in Valier and Browning. He graduated at Browning High School in 1984. Harlan was self-employed most of his life, gifted both as a musician and a mechanic. He also worked in construction on the Blackfeet Reservation with his dad, Ike, in the mines in Nevada, and he scrapped metal with his children. He and his daughter were called Sanford and Son. In 2012 he began working for the Frazer School District, and 2015 he was employed in the Heart Butte Schools as a hall, ISS monitor and for security. 

Harlan loved spending time with his family and friends. Within the last two years he played for many funerals for so many families. He was always willing to lend a hand and help wherever needed. He was known as the local chiropractor without a license. He would fix anyone up, anywhere at any time. The last five years home he loved ranching and farming in Two Medicine and Black Tail.

Harlan began playing music at the age of three and from then on he couldn’t be stopped. He would always say “I’m the star!” And he truly was. 

Harlan began playing in the high school pep band, the Rocky Mountain Renegades, Rough Riders, and finally the Renegades. Harlan traveled all over the United States sharing his love of music with many different band members. He had a talent like no other; his fingers worked magic on those guitar strings. Not only was he the lead singer and guitar player, but was also a really good drummer. Harlan had his own juke box memory of 500-plus songs; when fans and family called out a song he could play it. He could sit in with any band and carry a tune, loud as possible of course. 

He is most famous for playing the guitar behind his back with “Johnny Be Good” and opening for the Chris LeDoux concert. He helped build relationships with band members and taught many of them how to be the best musicians possible. Harlan loved playing music with all his friends around the country, but he had a special bond with his dad. He always said he would play with his dad until his dad couldn’t play anymore. 

Harlan was blessed with 10 beautiful children Kayla, Kyle, (north) Dakota, Jordan, Brandon, Sarah, (south) Dakota, Hunter, Cathleen, Carlene and two step-children Luke, Desi. He truly loved all of them with all his heart. He remembered every birthday and did what he could for each of them, even if all he did was pray for them.

On 12/12/12 at 11:12 a.m. he married the love of his life Corrina Guardipee. He loved her children Drew, Colten and Sierha as much as his own. Sierha and their grandson Andrew were the last two in the home for last few years. Harlan did his best to be there as much as he could for all of their children. Harlan and Corrina recently celebrated their seventh wedding anniversary. 

Harlan loved old vehicles; he could fix any of them and ran them until they couldn’t go any longer. The last six years he had an old white van that the kids in Frazer called his Scary man Van. He macgyvered that van with wire, duct tape and hook ups everywhere. 

He knew so many people everywhere he went. He had a knack for walking up to a total stranger, starting up a conversation, and at the end of it they were lifelong friends. Harlan also loved animals, especially dogs and cats. His favorites were Molly who played basketball and his cat, Dorito.

His other favorite pastimes were playing the machines and winning breakfast or dinner or not, and dumpster diving. The family would be going down the road 70 miles an hour; he would hit the brakes and back up in the middle of the road to find a treasure. He also loved his food, and if you were with him you never starved. His favorites were Subway, red wieners, peanut butter toast, and shoe leather chicken or steak. 

His heart was full; he loved spending time with his mother Catherine Hall, his father Ike, his wife Corrina, sister Glenna, brother Shawn and his nieces and nephews, his kids and grandkids. 

Harlan was preceded in death by his mother, Catherine; grandparents, Mildred and John Calf Tail; Aloysious Salois; Tom and Marie Williamson; uncles, Donald and Clifford Calf Tail; Charlie Hirst; Ed Chief All Over; his brother Baptist Bostwick; and many friends and relatives.

Harlan is survived by his father Glenn “Ike” Hall; wife Corrina; his children Kayla, Kyle, (north) Dakota, Jordan, Brandon, Sarah, (south) Dakota, Hunter, Cathleen, Carlene; and step-children Luke, Desi, Drew, Colten and Sierha; and grandchildren Bailie, Chloe, Kahle, Kailynn, Andrew, Raymond, Siouxmani, Sage, Thunder, Aniya and one on the way; his sister, Glenna; brother, Shawn (Tonya); and many aunts, uncles, cousins, nieces and nephews. He also was “adopted” by Linda Beaudry, Laura and Bob Gervais, Shirley Guardipee, Rita Blount Talks Different and many other brothers and sisters all around the country. 

When his mother went to the land of paradise, Harlan knew he would soon follow. Harlan went to be with the Lord on February 14, 2020, on Valentine’s Day after giving and receiving Valentines from and to his wife. He kissed her, told her he loved her and left saying he would call when he got to Frazer. He was so excited to play at the Horse Shoe and for a wedding. His last hour was spent loading equipment, laughing and telling jokes with Jerry and Jake Tailfeathers. His last call was to his brother Shawn telling him he loved him and would talk to him later.

Harlan had a true love of the Lord and would be praying all day long. He prayed for many people, leading them to the Lord and touching their hearts. He also prayed over everything, a car, a chainsaw, the weather, getting lock to unlock, etc. and most of the time it worked. He prayed before every meal. He didn’t drink, smoke, do drugs; he ate right and exercised. It just goes to show when the Lord calls you home there isn’t any turning back. When they pronounced him gone he had a smile on his face and a look of total peace.

Harlan Stuart Hall

He touched the lives of us all 

With his gifts and talents,

Always willing to answer the call

With a song in his heart 

and praises on high.

Right from the start

He always seemed to fly,

Lifting others with his guitar

A hug, a handshake and a prayer.

He always said “he was the star;”

That magic he shared,

Lit up the room 

With a love of radiance and care.

With his hat in his hand 

He’d smile and wave around 

With his heavenly band

and their amazing sound.

Go rest high,

He would sing,

And let out a sigh,

Such a joyous ring.

Be assured he has no worries anymore.

He’s reached the shores of heaven,

Now forever more.

So as he left this world on Valentine’s Day,

It’s his reminder from the sun

That he truly loved us all,

Each and every one.

With a final tip of his hat today,

The nod of his head and guitar in his hand,

This Cowboy rides away.

By Corrina G. Hall, 

his wife, and friend, Mabel Running Fisher