Roberta Elaine Clouser

Roberta Elaine Clouser passed away on Sunday, Jan. 24, 2021 in Great Falls, Mont. after many years of coping with diabetes and kidney disease. Funeral service was held on. Saturday, Jan. 30, at the Roy Benjamin farm, near Devon, Mont.

Roberta was born in Shelby, Mont. on Sept. 18, 1954 to Ralph and Marjorie (Benjamin) Clouser. She joined three older brothers, Lonnie, Larry and Tommy, and later got a little sister, Juanita. Following their mother’s illness and death, Roberta and her sister Juanita, came to live with the Harry Benjamin family at Devon. Roberta was a freshman in high school at that time.

After graduating in 1973, she moved to Minneapolis at the suggestion of Vern and Lucille Walters. She lived and worked there, first as a seamstress and then for the airlines, until 1979 when she returned to Shelby to care for Grandma Benjamin (Berta Alice Benjamin). She filled that role until Grandma’s passing in 1992, also working at Ben Franklin, Gift Garden, Coast to Coast, and Shelby Floral. 

Following a few more years in Shelby, Roberta flew off to be a nanny in Connecticut for eight years. Roberta began to follow the teachings of Jesus in 1971, and continued in that the rest of her life. From time to time, she would mention that she didn’t know where she would be if it weren’t for God’s presence and the family she had because of Him. She never found her brown-eyed piano player, but even though she experienced much loss and illness in life, Roberta never let it keep her down. 

She loved to make gifts and cards for others, and made flower arrangements for so many weddings, funerals, anniversaries, graduations, and other events that no one has been able to keep a tally. She also enjoyed cake decorating, interior decorating, ceramics, and needlework – usually for someone else. 

Roberta was preceded in death by her paternal grandparents, Bruce and Florida Clouser; her maternal grandparents, Elonzo and Berta Benjamin; her mother, Marj (1970); her father, Ralph (1972); brother Lonnie (1986); brother Tommy (1961); brother Ronnie (1949 at seven weeks of age); a stillborn sister; and her special second father, Uncle Harry Benjamin.

She is survived by her sister-in-law Judy Tuey of Piedmont, Okla.; brother Larry (Karen) of Brinnon, Wash.; sister Juanita Anderson of Boulder, Mont.; brother-in-law Gene Anderson of Bozeman, Mont.; her special second mother, Auntie Jeane Benjamin; and her adopted Benjamin siblings, Jerry, Lloyd, Cliff, Marlene, Marv, Shirley, Steve, and their spouses. 

She leaves behind a whole host of cousins, nieces, nephews, grand-nieces, grand-nephews, and one-great-grand-nephew (Larry’s daughter Sharon’s grandson).