Shirley Roberta Davis

The day before Shirley Roberta Davis was born, the temperature in Shelby reached 100 degrees. On the day she was born, Sept. 16, 1936, Shelby had a blizzard which dropped five feet of snow. Her parents are Ed Adams and Elsie Moffatt/ Ball who farmed near Shelby. Shirley was the baby of the family and had 11 older siblings; two brothers and the rest sisters. Her mother said she had run out of names for girls by the time she was born, so she had the rest of the children put names in a hat and she drew out two, Shirley Roberta.

She is survived by daughters, Roxanna (Lyle) Kimmet, Kathleen Davis and Linda (Rex) Springer and their children, Jessica, Jonathan (Nana), David, (Tammy), and Timothy and their grandchildren, Jazmyne, Jamyson, Riley, Clara, Caitlyn Aden, Liam and Diane, who is in heaven; and one brother, Billy Adams of Anaconda.

Shirley-worked five jobs to support her children. Shirley wrote the procedure for deep cleaning which is still in use by the State of Montana because she was responsible for a record of three years with no infections. She worked for the hospital for 32 years. She also cleaned O’Hare Manor, Glacier Motel, Sherlock Motel, the California Apartments. She took in washing, ironing, mending and cleaned three houses in town. The man she did laundry for gave her his house when he died, which was moved to be added to her house. She babysat every weekend and when her father died, she became executor for everything he had. She never moved more than a hundred feet from where she was born.

She was head of the WMCs at church for 25 years, which raised money for missionaries and people who needed help. She loved to attend Bible Camp at Hungry Horse in the summers. She read her Bible and prayed sometimes all night long. Shirley was the first Sunday School student for Grace Chapel, the first Assembly of God church in Shelby when she was five. She was baptized in the Marias River when she was 12. She went to work at 5 a.m. in the morning and took care of her children in the evenings. She will be sorely missed by her children, but they know she is in Heaven and will come back with her Lord Jesus Christ.