Kevin R. Tall Whiteman

Kevin R. Tall Whiteman, 59, passed away in Kalispell on April 7.

Kevin was born in Browning to Joseph Tall Whiteman Sr. and Carol Mountain Chief, he went to school at Browning Public Schools where he graduated. He then went on to receive an AA from Blackfeet Community College and also his CDL and heavy equipment operator’s certificates from SKC.

He served in the Air Force and the Air National Guard and worked at carpentry, fire cache, Glacier national Park – Sun Tours, Crystal Creek Lodge as a technician, Browning Public Schools and refereed basketball games.

A man of many interests, he liked to get wood, drawing and artistry, playing guitar, horseback riding, loved music, basketball, x-country and softball games.

He was preceded in death by his parents Carol Mountain Chief and Joseph Tall Whiteman; brothers Wilbur Mountain Chief, Joseph “Big Boy” Tall Whiteman, Joseph Mad Plume, Harland MadPlume and Karl “Bim-bo” MadPlume;  wife Stephanie Brown-Tall Whiteman; uncle Richard “Dickie” Mountain Chief; nieces Rae Dawn Whitegrass and Carol Ann “Sissy” Tall Whiteman; and nephew Joseph “Jody” Tall Whiteman III.

Survivors include sons Justin Tall Whiteman, Clayton (Sarah) Tall Whiteman, Gharret Tall Whiteman, Kean Tall Whiteman, Kevin Tall Whiteman Jr.; daughter Shalbilyn Ross Tall Whiteman; partner Ranae Spotted Eagle;  sisters Carla Whitegrass, Mina Tall Whiteman – Runningwolf, Verla StillSmoking, Belva MadPlume and Donna MadPlume; brothers Harold and Kenny MadPlume; aunts Cleo “Diddo” Cutfinger, Susie Tall Whiteman, Waisie, Vncus, Vincent, Michael; and grandkids Damian, Tatianna, Kianna, Gabriel, McReah, Jessie and Jayce Tall Whiteman.

A wake was held at the Glacier Homes Community Center in Browning, with services being held Saturday, April 11.