Cynthia Cecile Schildt-Davis Kipp

Cynthia Cecile Schildt-Davis Kipp (Aaa Saa Kaa Too Moo – “Good Leader”) also known as Cyn or Gam, 84, passed away at Blackfeet Community Hospital, Browning, Mont. on Friday, Nov. 13, 2020. 

Graveside services were held Thursday, Nov. 19, at Schildt Family Cemetery, Kyi-Yo Camp, with Father Ed Kohler Catholic Officiant, GG Kipp Pikunii Traditional Ceremonialist, Eagle Calf Drum, Starr Crazy Dogs, songs by Mike LaFromboise at St. Ignatius, and Ervin Kevin Kicking Woman graveside.

A celebration of life encampment, feed and gathering will be held in the future when the weather is good and the environment allows as we pass through these strange times to properly honor our beloved Grama Cynthia Kipp.

She was born Sept. 27, 1935, west of Starr School. She was delivered by Grama Mary Ground, midwife. Her parents were Carroll Stillman Schildt (Kyi-Yo Shoot-Skii) and Cecile (Aa-Saa-Too-Moo) Ground; she was raised by her elder sister, Nellie, and James “Pixie” Kipp. She was educated in Lawrence, Kan.; Starr School; and Browning High School. She held numerous certificates of study from University of Oklahoma, Washington DC and Flandreau, So. Dak. She was married to Leo Lorris Davis on Nov. 1, 1951, and widowed May 1970. She married Eugene “Tinsey” Kipp July 4, 1974, and was widowed February 1992. 

Cynthia was a waitress/food and beverage service, rodeo secretary/timer, Browning Public Schools Home School Coordinator, Community Health Representative, national lobbyist, international consultant, tribal-cultural historian and Blackfeet Tribal Business Council Woman. She was also a mother, grandmother, great-grandmother and so proud of having four great-great grandchildren. 

She was proud to be Blackfeet/Pikunnii: Nanampskaan (Thunder), Kisst Stuck Kii (Beaver), Okaaniiks (Medicine Lodge Helper), (Ka-Nucks-Imiitaaks (Brave Dogs) Apo-You-Siks-Sii-Kim-Miiks, Naaoxii (Tea Ladies Grandmother), Nee-Po-Muck Kiiks, Naaoxii (Chickadee Grandmother), Ground Blacktail, Pikunnii Societies, Real Speaks Cuts Wood School Grandmother. 

As a 1992-94 BTBC member, she initiated repatriation and founded locally the Blackfeet Place Names Registry, language preservation and the BIHA-Blackfeet Indian Housing Authority. She established homes, with one neighborhood named in her honor, “Cyn City,” Blackfeet Headstart facilities, Blackfeet Indian Artist Association, Browning Ladies Garden Club, NISBA-National Indian School Board Association, FIS Board Chair, IHS-Indian Health Scholarship, EPS-Elite Public Service/Montana; numerous boards, committees and public service organizations.

Cynthia enjoyed family gatherings, picnics, cattle branding, the beauty of our mountains, lakes and rivers, camping in her lodge, oral histories, storytelling, genealogy, arts, crafts, gardening, flowers and plants, raising bum calves, orphan colts, attracting and feeding birds, ducks and anything with feathers. Being happy.

Cynthia was an active trailblazer in many capacities including ranching and rodeo, business entrepreneur, early childhood education, health and human services, women in construction. She played many musical instruments from the guitar and piano to harmonica and saxophone. Natural talents included art, dance, music, writer/compiler, actress and narrator, 4-H and Girl Scout leader, Talent Search, dance troupes and parade coordinator.

Most notably, she wore a distinctive red hat. She wore many hats very well and always dressed traditional, her long black braids ever present, a very proud lady.

Preceded in death by her parents Carroll and Cecile Ground Schildt; fraternal grandparents Ees Koo Kii Naa Kee and Andrew H. Schildt; maternal grandparents John Eagle Calf and Mary “Grass Woman” Ground; siblings Nell Kipp, Emorie Burns, Eileen Wagner-Gilham, Earl John and Carl “Bucks” Schildt; daughter Olivia Kay Davis-Hall; grandsons Tris and John Davis; and one great grandson. 

She is survived by eight children, Darnell (Smokey) RidesAtTheDoor, Lea Lorrie (Rusty) Tatsey, Tim/Kink (Debra) Davis, Emorie (Leo) Bird, Vic Hall, Joycelyn (Mike) DesRosier, Douglas Leo (Debbie) Davis, Natalie Nondie Davis and Eileen Honey (Wayne Smith) Davis; aunt Gertie Ground Heavy Runner; 44 grandchildren; 85 great grandchildren; four great-great grandchildren; Ward Skippy Matt; Karen K. Kipp; George GG Kipp III; adopted brother Adolph HungryWolf; numerous nieces, nephews; and extended family in U.S. and Canada. 

In lieu of flowers, donations toward a headstone monument can be sent to Cynthia Kipp Memorial, Box 564, Browning, MT 59417.