Faith Agnes Mad Plume

Faith Agnes Mad Plume was born Aug. 9, 1963, and took her journey home on Aug. 2, 2020.

She was the beloved daughter of Shorty and Mary Mad Plume. Faith was the eighth child of 10 siblings. She was raised in Two Medicine/Browning.

Faith graduated from Browning High School. She also attended Flandreau Indian School for a year.

Faith met the love of her life at a young age. John Hagon Kennerly would ride horseback over from Badger to visit Faith. Eventually in their adult life they met up again to spend the rest of their lives together. They had a beautiful daughter, Charmain Jaymo Kennerly.

Through the years Faith worked at the dental office in Browning, the pencil factory and the nursing home. She worked as a care attendant out of Great Falls, taking care of John up until her journey with the Lord.

Faith loved her nephews and nieces. She was always cooking, washing their clothes, giving them a place to sleep and eat. Faith had a special place in her heart for Nugget. When she referred to him by his Indian name, “Nee Ta Booka,” she referred to him as a baby brother. She lived with our sister, Penny, who she referred to as a motherly type person to her.

Faith loved her family very much.

Faith had a great sense of humor. Whoever knew Faith would agree with me that she was a maverick.

Our dad nicknamed her right; when we say maverick, she was.

Faith was a happy person, good to be around and those that were around her loved her.

She is preceded in death by her parents, Edward “Shorty” and Mary Mad Plume, sibling Penny, Doug James, Hub and nephews Dickens, Cricket, CC and niece Elizabeth.

Faith lived her life to the fullest. We will miss you always, Faith. Your passing has affected each and every one of us, all in different ways. We all have different memories of you.

Love you, our sister, mother, wife, auntie and friend. See you on the other side, Maverick.

Thanks to everyone who helped us through this difficult time. Love you, my “Ralph.”

The Mad Plume Family