Sydnee Carol Chattin

Sydnee Carol Chattin, 58, a resident of Kalispell and an enrolled member of Blackfeet Indian Nation, passed on Sunday, August 18, succumbing to uterine cancer in Kalispell.

She was born on Easter Sunday, April 2, 1961, the daughter of Wayne Chattin (deceased) and Myrna Mooney of Babb. Sydnee worked for the U.S. Bureau of Census most of her working career and the U.S. Department of Agriculture. She was recognized many times for her work with Native American Tribes to ensure an accurate census for Native Americans. During her career she worked in Denver, Colorado; Atlanta, Georgia; Washington, D.C.; Kansas City, Missouri; and Chicago, Illinois.

Sydnee is survived, in her immediate family, by her two sons, Kyle Morris and Anthony Morris; her husband, Michael Ryan; a brother and sister, Daniel Chattin and Mary Beth Chattin; her mother Myrna Mooney; and stepfather, Ross Mooney. Sydnee is also survived by many other family members including cousins and aunts and uncles, many who live in Blackfeet Indian Country. Kelly Morris, the father of Kyle and Anthony, is deceased.

The (Blackfeet Native in spirit) services will begin at Charlie’s Place in Babb on Saturday, Sept. 14, at noon followed by the burial at the Burns family Plot with more song/prayers, celebrations to continue back at Charlie’s Place with food, gathering, sharing to continue on through the late afternoon for all who wish to attend. 

Sons Kyle and Anthony Morris and husband Michael Ryan are assisting and making arrangements with many family members help in Babb and Browning.