Earl Black Weasel Sr.

Earl Black Weasel Sr. “Kyiitoopi” “Rider” was born on Jan. 5, 1939.  His parents were James Black Weasel Jr., and Mary White Grass.  Earl went home to be with his loved ones and our savior Jesus Christ on Sept. 11, 2019

Earl was raised by his grandfather James Black Weasel Sr. in the Durham area.  

Earl is survived by the love of his life, his wife Jane Black Weasel, his children Earlina (Roland), Rosalie (Alden), Edwin, Pam (Rufus), Earl Jr. (Agnes), Betty, Linda (CJ), and David (Marilyn) Bull Calf.  

Earl had a special relationship with each of his children, and worked hard his entire life to provide for his wife and children.  Earl made sure that his wife and children were never to want for anything in their lives, and made sure that they enjoyed life to the fullest.  

Earl has numerous grandchildren whom he loved individually with all of his heart.  He had a hand in raising Lea, Leigh, and Josh.  He cherished all of his grandchildren including Angel, Haleigh, R.J., Trentin, Trevor, Delicia, Tayler, Kayden, Justin, Christy, Blaine, Mathew, Joseph, Nikki, Marcus, Mary, and Melissa.  Each of these children loved to be with their grandpa and would spend numerous hours with him on the ranch learning the skills of running cows and breaking horses.  He taught each of his grandchildren how to fix a fence and loved to travel anywhere with them on any adventure.  

Earl had numerous siblings whom he loved dearly.  Some have gone on before him including Edward “Red Man” Little Plume, Gilbert Cut Finger, Wilbur Butch Black Weasel, Eli Black Weasel, Sisters that have gone before him are Thelma White Grass Wall, and Wanda Black Weasel.  His surviving siblings are Dean Wayne Black Weasel, Roger Black Weasel, Carl Bugs Old Person, Roy Lee Old Person Merisha Black Weasel, Deanna Old Person and Betty Matt.

Earl had many accomplishments in his life, which included his love of ranching, as well as his employment.  Earl was an accomplished and highly knowledgeable rancher, he was a champion boxer both in the Army as well as in the private sector, and he was an accomplished bare back rider who had many winning rides in the arena.  

Earl is a veteran of the U.S. Army having successfully served his country, which we can all be thankful for his service.  Earl worked as a ranch hand, the Bureau of Indian Affairs roads and Irrigation divisions, he was an accomplished wildland firefighter who did many tours of dispatching to fires, and even served with FEMA in his later years when most of us would be sitting in our rocking chair.

Each of us has our own memory of Earl, and you can rest assured those are good memories.  Earl was a man that touched everyone’s life he interacted with. Earl will be missed by all of us, family as well as friends, he has made the journey home and is at peace and is healthy and well with our savior in Heaven.  He waits to see us all again someday, and we will rejoice when we meet again.