John A. Wurz, 96, of Eagle Creek Colony, passed away at 2 p.m. on Aug. 26, 2021, with his family at his side. 

John was born April 1, 1925 near Milltown, So. Dak. He moved to Elmspring Colony near Warren, Alberta in 1929. 

In 1935 he moved to Sunnysite Colony where he married Sarah Wurz on Nov. 17, 1949. Together they raised seven children: John (Anna) Wurz, William (Mary) Wurz, Sarah (Jake) Wurz, Elias (Rebecca) Wurz, Barbara (Isaac) Hofer, Daniel (Kathrina) Wurz, and Andrew (Matilda) Wurz. 

John moved back to the USA in 1959 and lived at Hillside Colony, RimRock Colony, and Eagle Creek Colony. He was the colony secretary for 30 years. 

John had 20 grandchildren and numerous great grandchildren. 

Rest in peace, Dad.