Christie Vilsack confirmed Wednesday that she and Tom have bought a house in Des Moines.

By Mira Cash-Davis

The "For Sale" sign has been up in front of the Vilsacks' house at 402 N. Main St., that of Iowa's former Governor's family, for a while now.

Christie Vilsack confirmed Wednesday that she and Tom have bought a house in Des Moines.

Former Gov. Tom Vilsack works for international law firm Dorsey Whitney, and former first lady Christie Vilsack is the executive director of an Iowa initiative to reduce unintended pregnancies, both based in Des Moines.

Their son, Jess, lives down the street from the home his parents have purchased.

Jess is newly married to a pharmacist and works for the Polk County attorney.

Doug Vilsack is living in Denver, Colo. and works for a law firm there.

"Because our jobs were here [Des Moines], and because both of our boys were living elsewhere," Christie Vilsack said, the former first couple decided to sell their Mt. Pleasant home.

"It has been difficult for us to maintain our home for the last 10 years," Vilsack said, noting the inevitable problems with upkeep when living in another city. "But it's home. … Besides, it's a wonderful home, and it needs a family."

Christie Vilsack has been able to call Mt. Pleasant home for all but the seven years she was away teaching.

"It was a really hard decision," she said. "Mt. Pleasant will always be home," but for now, she said, they'll be living in Des Moines.

Christie is native to Mt. Pleasant. Tom, who was born in Pennsylvania, has served in Mt. Pleasant as a lawyer. He was elected as mayor in 1987, as state senator in 1992 and for two terms as governor of Iowa in 1998 and 2002.

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