Billy Wagner and Daniel Augare both won their bouts at a professional boxing smoker at the Heritage Inn in Great Falls on Jan. 25.

Oki, people of the Blackfeet Nation. On Jan. 25, there was a professional boxing smoker at the Heritage Inn in Great Falls. The Blackfeet Nation was represented very well with the crowd and two former Blackfeet Nation Boxing Club boxers. The first up was Daniel Augare, who fought a guy out of Great falls named Collin Lee. It was an action-packed three rounds. Daniel is a warrior of the ring, and he fought like one, winning all three rounds, in my opinion. He had a tough opponent that fought like a king, but Daniel was not to be denied; he boxed hard and was determined to do so. 

Billy Wagner was the semi-main event, but sound and energy made it seem more like the main event. I had to cover my ears and my son Donald’s ears! Billy’s opponent was a pit bull from Portland, Oregon, by way of Chicago, Sean Gee. The guy looked menacing, and I would not want to fight him. Billy fought all four rounds. Billy is a tough concrete man, my little big brother in the trades. It was one of the toughest fights I’d ever seen him in. Billy rocked him, and he rocked Billy; when the dust settled there could be only one winner and that was Billy Wagner. 

We have some great fans here in Browning who came out to Great Falls to watch Billy box professionally. I was so nervous and worried for both my guys Daniel and Billy, but like I said, they did us proud. Billy is a coach in Great Falls for the Electric City Boxing Club. He is the son of William “OJ” Wagner, and he was so proud of his son. Daniel Augare is the son of Danny Sr. and Angela Augare. This great event was put on by Rob Wienholz and Jared Jones of Premier Boxing productions.

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