Unfazed by the Wildcat defense, Blayne DeRoche found ways to get the ball to the bucket in last week’s contest at the Tipi Dome.

The Runnin’ Indians started out their week in Havre on Friday, Jan. 17, coming up just a few points short against the Blue Ponies, 79-71. Returning to Browning on Saturday, Jan. 18, they out-hustled the Wildcats to hand them a resounding 85-49 defeat.

“It was an ebb and flow game,” Coach Dan Connelly said of the game in Havre. “We started out strong, but in the second quarter our defense wasn’t strong; we were ahead by five at the half. But in the third quarter we couldn’t hit anything and they couldn’t miss, and that was the game. Our biggest problem is defense, and giving up 79 points is not characteristic of the teams I coach.”

Riley Spoonhunter led with 17 points, followed by Luke Juneau and Blayne DeRoche with 10 apiece. Deion Mad Plume came off the bench with some big shots while Juneau made some big points at critical junctures.

Coach Connelly said he worked with the team on defense and not forcing the action, and he said the results Saturday against Columbia Falls were much better. Indeed, while the Wildcats were big, strong and fast, they weren’t hitting the bucket while Browning seemed at times to effortlessly swish the hoop on long and short shots.

Riley Spoonhunter led this game with 24 points, followed by Justin Burd with 15. Coach Connelly also noted Joe Bullshoe coming in off the bench and playing aggressively on “both ends of the court,” and hitting two threes and a layup for eight points. “They took their time in executing the plays, and they weren’t rushed,” the coach said.

This week, the Runnin’ Indians join the Lady Indians in hosting Ronan on Friday, Jan. 24. The boys C Squad and JVs will play at BHS at 2:30 and 4 p.m., followed by the varsity boys at 7 p.m. Then on Saturday, Jan. 25, they’re in Whitefish where the C Squad starts at 11:30 a.m., JVs at 2:30 p.m. and the varsity at 5:30.

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