The season is over, even though Mother Nature still wants it to be summer. We had 76 individuals and 19 teams this year, which makes for slow play during the league evenings. It was still fun, and it provided time to “shoot the bull” at each tee box.

Last season the league ended up with a four-way tie for the individual league, but this year we have one sole individual champion for the season — Alvin Yellow Owl. Billy Vaughn Edwards took second, while Poor Boy Croff took third and George Heavy Runner took fourth. Ed Flamand, Steven Wagner and Kyle Sinclair finished in a tie for fifth place.

In the team category, it was a fight all season for the top teams. This year the champion team is The Outlawz. The team members for the Outlawz are Billy Vaughn, Bill Old Chief, Tai Old Chief, Greg Tatsey and This Sports Writer.

Then there was a four-way tie for second place between A & C Towing (defending champs: Dave Gordon, Tim Gordon, George Webber, Merlin Harwood, Al Wilson); Siyeh Communications (Ed Flamand, Mike Racine, Mike Augare, Kurt Zuback); Glacier Peaks Casino (George HR, Chops Sure Chief, Darryl Talks About, Joe Gervais); and Uncoachables (Poor Boy, Maurice Red Horn, Travis Blue, Aaron Mclean).

The low gross for the final week was shot by Kole Fitzpatrick with a 38, while Davy Gordon shot his usual 39 and still got beat with sand. The low sandbagger score was shot by Tristen Redhorn with a 28, while Paul Augare shot a 29 and Tai Old Chief and Maurice Redhorn both shot 31 sandy scores.

For the hole prizes, the KP was won by Chops; the KP in 2 was won by Ronald Valandra; the KP in 3 was won by Kole; and the Long Putt was won by Poor Boy.

This Sports Writer wants to “call it a day” on writing these articles and running this league after 40 years. It’s time someone else did it. I enjoyed writing these articles all these years, but just didn’t enjoy making the deadlines when I could be doing something I wanted to do for myself. 

I was told by many, even people not in the community, that my articles were good. I was told by some that I shouldn’t write some of the things I did write. But I did it for the golfers mainly, so opinions didn’t matter. 

Maybe some opinions mattered. After my dad, Blueman, read an article or two he told me that I might need to see a psychiatrist or something, and then years ago when I started the article about the Beatles, my Uncle Eddie said I was crazy and needed some help. 

Long ago, when I was a greenhorn on running the league, I mean writing this article, there were many elders who helped. Yep, back in the day some elder league members who I can remember are Injun Edwards, Benton Juneau, Al Potts, Teddy Williamson, Lawrence Horn, Virgil Edwards, John Vaile ….. And they used to kick butt. There are many more, who I’ll remember when I quit typing here and who I wished I added to this long ago golfing league members mention and who have been gone for decades.

I enjoyed having humor in the articles, making fun of the golfers, changing names, gave nicknames, “spelt wurds rong”, I got off track of golf, I made up stuff, etc. I made fun of many guys who are no longer with us, like Uncle Sonny and my buddy, Gene, and there are so many who were in the articles who are no longer with us. 

I enjoyed making fun of my many friends. Maybe I am hallucinating about “many.” I enjoyed writing about my recent teammates, Nephyoke Beef, Oyts Williamson, Old Bull, The Beast, Ed Wags, Terry of TAGCO, Geno, Billy Vaughn, Billy Dean and Tai. Actually, I enjoyed writing about everyone, but I wanted to mention my teammates.

I took up the name This Sports Writer just because. I really don’t remember why, maybe to pretend I was anonymous. Then my wife, Ollie, wrote for the ladies’ golf league as This Sports Writer’s Wife. She also kept everyone informed on the ladies’ league with her articles. I miss her so much, but that’s another article that could take up this whole newspaper.

Anyway, This Sports Writer hopes to keep this promise to himself and retire. The article ideas have all been written more than once, the head gets unclear on what to write, the people are younger and This Old Sports Writer don’t know them enough to write about them, the rushing to write is now wearisome, etc. etc. 

I didn’t write what I all wanted to in closing for This Sports Writer because I am writing this article as I always did — just sit down and get it done in a few minutes and no script to follow (except for the standings, scores and who won what). I thought up stuff to write, but the memory is slipping. I also didn’t want to be boring and take up too much space in this newspaper (maybe I was/did). 

Thanks to who read them (and liked them). It was a Goot Go.


Outlawz, 111 

A & C Towing, 102 

Siyeh Communications, 102

Glacier Peaks Casino, 102 

Uncoachables, 102 

Holey Ones, 94 

Chuck’s Paint & Body, 93 

OC Welding & Fabrication, 90 

Harrison Ranch, 85 

Fudd Wreckers, 79 

3 Rights and a Left, 78 

A & C Towing Two, 73

Fighting Trout, 71

Dirty Birdies, 70

The Rezzers, 60 

Quaranbean Boys, 59 

Guardipee Lakers, 56 

Bozo’s Bombers, 55

Knotted Dogs, 42  


Alvin Yellow Owl, 30

Bill Edwards, 28

Poor Boy Croff, 26

George Heavy Runner, 25

Ed Flamand, 24

Steven Wagner, 24

Kyle Sinclair, 24

Steven Powell, 23

Zach Wagner, 23

Chops Sure Chief, 23

Vic Hall / Tai Old Chief, 23

Darryl Talks About, 22

Kirk Grant, 22

Greg Tatsey, 22

Bill Old Chief, 22

Mike Racine, 22

Mike Augare, 21

Stephen Upham, 21

Merlin Harwood, 21

Frank Harrison, 21

Travis Blue, 21

Trevor Gray, 21

Kurt Zuback, 21

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