“Our Board really cares about our community,” Browning Schools Superintendent Corrina Guardipee-Hall said, “and I’m thankful for the support of our staff, teachers and parents for community education at home.”

Each school within the district has created its own plan for dealing with continuing instruction while folks are being told to Stay at Home during the coronavirus outbreak. The Board approved the plan and has sent it to the Governor for his approval.

“We’re providing online classes 7 through 12,” Guardipee-Hall said, “and anyone without internet at home is getting packets, or if they learn better with paper and pencil.” Students wanting to learn online were given iPads, which have already been distributed.

“Pre-K through 6th are getting packets now, but by Monday [April 6] 4 through 6 should be online as well,” the Superintendent added.

While lessons and materials are available online, Hall said students can ask questions by calling their building Principal and stating their questions. The Principal will then contact the appropriate teacher who will call the student back to consult on the issues.

Food service continues, with breakfast and lunch being delivered via school bus around the community twice per day. “I want to give thanks to Stephanie Blackman and her daughter at Browning Elementary,” Hall said. “They are there every day, and [Food Service Director] Lynn Keenan is creating all this and making sure they get it.”

In addition, Matthew Johnson is working to make up “care packages” – food baskets to deliver around the community while Nikki Hannon is “getting donations from all over.”

Folks who showed up to get an educational packet discovered they contain paper and supplies, as well as books, crayons and more. The packets were handed out to parents by school personnel dressed in protective gear, and packets were mailed out to any student who could not come by the school.

Asked about graduation and Prom, Superintendent Guardipee-Hall said the District is discussing the options, promising to come up with something suitable in case the situation endures through the spring.

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