Browning’s Gianna Vickers, left, and libero Payton Crossguns move up to receive a Polson serve during early season volleyball action in Browning.

The Lady Indians may have lost the final three sets of the season to the Bulldogs last week, but the Lady Indians’ volleyball season has been fun to watch as they played hard in every set and gave their opponents tough competition before supportive crowds. While their overall record may seem disappointing, seldom did they play a match that wasn’t close, and their camaraderie and respect for each other, and their opponents, was inspirational to witness.

“As the season has come to an end, it is beyond bittersweet,” said Browning Coach Kayla Jeckell. “I think the season went really well despite the numerical score of only one win all season. Each game was so close in scores, and many games went to five sets. I know the season was hard and frustrating for the players because they had all the physical skills, but were just within an arm’s reach of mastering the mental game.”

Several players made their marks on the court this season, and many will be missed as they graduate this spring. “Some key players this season for our team were, first, Gianna Vickers. Her moving from Alaska to here was a huge blessing. She is an all around stellar player, both back and front row. Her swing and top-spin jump serve are very powerful, and I sure am looking to work with her more to have her reach an even greater level of play.

“Another player that was key for us was setter Hailey Bullshoe. She was a great setter that I had the pleasure of training for four years now. She will be a huge loss next season to us. She had leadership skills on the court as well as controlling our offense really well. Dulci Skunkcap and Payton Crossguns, our offensive hitter and Libero, will be significant losses as well. Dulci’s talent front row and Payton’s fear-less defense back row will be missed next year.”

With nine seniors graduating next year, the team will be young next season. “We will be losing nine seniors - Katie Running Wolf, Tricia CrowSpreadsHisWings, Taylee RidesAtTheDoor, Mckenna Magee, Hailey Racine, Hailey Bullshoe, Payton Crossguns and Dulci Skunkcap,” Coach Jeckell said. “We have two returning varsity juniors - Gianna Vickers and Abby BullCalf, and we have a lot of talent coming up from our JV and freshman teams. I will be looking forward to some prospects coming up to varsity and stepping up to the challenge. We will have a young team with low experience, but a team full of heart and the desire to step up to that challenge.”

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